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 Dr.Lisa, PT has been successful in coaching clients out of persistent pain and preventing recurrent performance dysfunction by helping each woman understand the roots of long term unhappiness. She offers the unique support of HER client's natural immunity, nervous system, digestive health, hormone balance. emotional resiliency and beauty offering evidence informed resources, supporting mental clarity for making self care choices and empowering her clients with the best tools needed to improve their body, mindset and life. 



Using Yoga, Personal Coaching, The Mind/Body Connection, Essential Oils And NanoEmulsified Hemp Oil


With your participation In My Signature 30 day Jumpstart Training You will...

  1. Return back to a body you love with some peace of mind and clarity on where to spend your energy
  2. Have access to ongoing support through private course groups, a Lifestyle App and seasonal masterminds. 
  3. Be the first to take part in creating an abundant lifestyle through workshops, retreats, and Dr.Lisa's Online Education Center. Each can keep you taking action with education and coaching for personal or professional practice management tools focused on helping you maintain your motivation, build on strengths and live an abundant work/life/health balance.  
  4. Provide yourself with flexible , on the go mind/body health & lifestyle coaching options including movement, mindset and nourishment skills

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I have Been cutting The BS out of Healthcare since 2005

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We open up the mic every two weeks and feature women who have flipped their pain and made it into a profitable passion. Come Join the Spirited Conversations. HERE  


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 Be all set for the next #GoddessHealth Clean Diet Challenge

Be all set for the next #GoddessHealth Clean Diet Challenge

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— Dr Lisa Holland, PT, DPT, WHC, C-IAYT, CBP, CAP


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