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(C.A.L.M) Living Beyond Pain  

 Dr Lisa Holland, PT, DPT, WHC, C-IAYT, ERYT, CAP  CEO, Belly Guru LLC

Dr Lisa Holland, PT, DPT, WHC, C-IAYT, ERYT, CAP

CEO, Belly Guru LLC

Ten Things that will Happen if You Partner with me

You Will...

  1. Change bad habits and unhelpful behaviors.  Your lifestyle will change by immediately getting my lifestyle app and an accountability partner to help you use it.
  2. Stop getting confused about the best marketed cleanse, diet, exercise class or supplement. Instead you will have an educated guide that will listen to your desires and give you access to an international network of leading women's health resources and favorite products.
  3. Stop being treated like a smaller man. Feel empowered with education to make the right choices for your health.
  4. Immediately get into a more intimate and loving relationship with yourself and others.
  5. Learn how to support your inner chemistry with natural healing tools like movement, food, yoga, essential oils and protecting yourself from your environment
  6. Sleep better, move better, let go of chronic pain through an evidence informed integrated, protective and supportive east meets west approach
  7. Have an opportunity to grow personally though your healing process. 
  8. Learn how to incorporate the art of intuitive healing, gratitude and your natural cycles
  9. Finally establish the self care rituals you need through self care tool boxes
  10. Become eligible to start a women's health peer to peer community of your own as a graduate of my program and part of my team. 

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They have made me feel at home and comfortable to ask questions, help further my physical exercise, and give an abundance of food for thought on how I want to advance in my life, on the mat and off. Just as much encouragement that you get from Lisa, she is also first to acknowledge that you helped her the same. It takes away the business mentality of trying to earn a buck, to really being there for her students well-being and her own, as well. Words are never going to be able to express what Belly Guru can do for just need to try it and see the life changing experience for yourself!!!
— — -Sharon B 3/23/2013
 2015 Winner For Charlotte NC 

2015 Winner For Charlotte NC 

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