How to Make A Medicine Woman Rise To Her Potential?
Support her, Love her, Coach her soul to freedom. Celebrate her wins and Help her take ownership of Her Story as she Leads a Revolution of her own.
— xoxo-Dr.Lisa, PT
Dr. Lisa Holland, Integrative Physical Therapist, CEO Belly Guru LLC

Dr. Lisa Holland, Integrative Physical Therapist, CEO Belly Guru LLC

Get C.A.L.M.

C=Clarity  A=Acceptance L=Love M=Motivation 

My name is Dr Lisa and I am a mom,wife ,therapist, feminine health advocate, mentor and the CEO of Belly Guru LLC . My company is a women's health education and empowerment company in which I have served thousands of people by educating and coaching women of all ages back into their bodies, minds and purpose. Now I am focused on connecting more to you! 

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You don't need courage. What you need is conviction and the right mentor to lift you there. I am not afraid to love on you or tell you how I bootstrapped my business and kept it small on purpose. I love how I evolved my clinical skills into a laptop lifestyle and a career that evolved into what I evolved into. I love that over two decades in I never sold out and am a proud Spirit Junkie Wellness warrior and I don't feel one ounce of regret I never followed the rules enough to be like the rest. #UnicornsRule

My Mantra?

Thrive, don't survive. Don't ever let being a licensed health provider stop you from being one of the hurt. Don't ever think your wellness warrior path that came a tangent of personal pain without one degree on your wall is going to stop you from being a grassroots leader.  No one gave me permission to spend my days empowerment coaching women while they heal themselves or sell oils to pay off their student loans. I just learned by doing. I took courses and read books that my colleagues never thought to. I went for imperfectly forward with an idea because of the vision and now I want that for you.  The world needs it's goddess wisdom 101. I am proud I was around for the start but I had to really strategize to get my work to feel this way and it is still a constant evolution so I need my tribe and it will be so much easier for you in a supportive network that get it.

The One Thing I wish for you...

But one thing I wish for you is to no longer go it alone or just following a crowd that doesn't feel good. You are smarter than that. I have over twenty years in the health leadership game and spent tens of thousands on marketing, mentors and figuring all this stuff out. I really wish I had had a a Medicine Woman mentor years ago. I wouldn't have likely closed my center. I would have did things in a different order and I would not have made the mistake of opening the wrong kind of private practice for me the first time around. That would have saved me a lot of money and soul searching feeling like a failure.

I am a gal that didn't need peer permissions to host Spirited 😇Goddess Conversations online and design Medicine Woman Rising courses but it really would have been great to have a tribe of women who understood the pull of a dual flame between several roles and several passions. 

It wasn't easy strategizing all this curvy hustle and tangent taking on the path alone.

Let me save you some time and motivate that style to shine by telling you this...THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO CLIMB TO BE AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME.  There is totally an ease to owning a simple but fulfilling life. Let me connect the dots for you so you can put that money towards your dreams instead of another certification you may not need yet need. You are more than enough right now to make a difference and become an influencer. Save energy and get excited to sustain that steady and profitable business after your first call.  Book a Consult Now

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"Lisa is amazing! She helped me overcome my fears allowing me to find my true voice and letting it shine. I'm proud to say I've officially written my very first book. Thanks for all you do Lisa!" ~Dr. Susie Gronski,DPT , PRPC, Author of  The Ultimate Cock Block, Connect With Susie and Her Creative Health care Practice
"Lisa’s services are invaluable and rare! Whereas much in the healthcare world appears to be external: go to this course, get this certification, find this mentor/group; Lisa’s approach focuses on the internal: understand your unique strengths, tendencies and biology and how to channel this awareness into creating a lifestyle business you can be proud of and healthy in. I believe this is key to healthcare sustainability and impact and I am so thankful I found Lisa’s services, especially the Healthcare Provider Index and opportunities for 1:1 on coaching. I understand myself much better now and this allows me to be more successful in my business and working with my clients." ~Dr Jessica Roberts, DPT, GCS connect with Jessica in MI

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I offer high impact solutions , clarity and transformation for an affordable initial investment. I speak your language. I've walked your path.

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Everything is right on time. I feel my personal power over my health and wealth rising as I step up and move to my natural rhythm and flow.
— #Dr.Lisa, PT The Power of Mantra
Featured Medpreneur in Private Practice MBA

Featured Medpreneur in Private Practice MBA

To Thy Ownself Be True
— ~William Shakspeare
Lisa's innovative programs were featured on WBTV Health Watch: Click to watch 

Lisa's innovative programs were featured on WBTV Health Watch: Click to watch 

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But nothing! You create your vibe by your story and that “not enough” attitude will get you no where.
— Dr Lisa