How to Make A Medicine Woman Rise To Her Potential?
Support her, Love her, Coach her soul to freedom. Celebrate her wins and Help her take ownership of Her Story as she Leads a Revolution of her own.
— xoxo-Dr.Lisa, PT

It's Time To Rise 

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You will take your Passion, Give it a Voice and connect with your Tribe.

How would it feel to use your energy in a more flexible way and still make an impact doing something you love?

What would working in an less toxic environment and making the income you desire mean to you, your family and lifestyle in terms of peace, stability living by example?

 Lisa's innovative programs were featured on WBTV Health Watch: Click to watch 

Lisa's innovative programs were featured on WBTV Health Watch: Click to watch 

You don't need courage or more clinical skills to get this so stop buying those courses. What you need now is someone to coach you into your personal authority. You need to make those choices with conviction and the right program that will teach you how to celebrate, collaborate, and market your wins.

I am not afraid to professionally love on you and nudge you into a better direction. I have been forging my own path of women's health for almost fifteen years. My consulting and strategy sessions are based upon over two decades being ahead of the curve in health leadership and direct marketing to clients. I never survived on insurance reimbursements or physician praise. I didn't need to because I believed in what I am called to do and am well educated. I love how I evolved my clinical skills into a consulting and coaching service that evolved into what I became as a woman instead of forcing me to become what I never wanted to  #UnicornsRule

The Mantra Of This Lady Leadership Tribe 

"Thrive, don't survive" 

Don't ever let being a licensed health provider stop you from being one of the hurt. Don't ever think your wellness warrior path that became a tangent of personal pain isn't a degree on your wall. It is going to make you a grassroots leader in another direction but you need to learn how to communicate that story.

Listen, no one gave me permission to spend my days empowerment coaching women while they heal themselves or taught me to use a yoga mat more than a treatment table. I created based upon how I interpreted the science and a couple decades ago I was belittled and it was not the norm.

The One Thing I wish for you...

You no longer need to go it alone. You don't need to follow a crowd that doesn't feel good. You are smarter than that. I have over twenty years in the health leadership game and spent tens of thousands of dollars learning how to optimize gains and minimize risks by creating new markets in healthcare where there wasn't one.   Book a Consult Now

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I offer high impact solutions , clarity and transformation for an affordable initial investment. I speak your language. I've walked your path.

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Dr. Jessica Roberts

"Lisa’s services are invaluable and rare! Whereas much in the healthcare world appears to be external: go to this course, get this certification, find this mentor/group; Lisa’s approach focuses on the internal: understand your unique strengths, tendencies and biology and how to channel this awareness into creating a lifestyle business you can be proud of and healthy in. I believe this is key to healthcare sustainability and impact and I am so thankful I found Lisa’s services, especially the Healthcare Provider Index and opportunities for 1:1 on coaching. I understand myself much better now and this allows me to be more successful in my business and working with my clients." ~Dr Jessica Roberts, DPT, GCS connect with Jessica in MI
Everything is right on time. I feel my personal power over my health and wealth rising as I step up and move to my natural rhythm and flow.
— #Dr.Lisa, PT The Power of Mantra
To Thy Ownself Be True
— ~William Shakspeare
 Featured Medpreneur in Private Practice MBA

Featured Medpreneur in Private Practice MBA

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“Lisa is amazing! She helped me overcome my fears allowing me to find my true voice and letting it shine. I’m proud to say I’ve officially written my very first book. Thanks for all you do Lisa!”
— ~Dr. Susie Gronski,DPT , PRPC,Connect With Susie and Her Creative Health care Practice

Dr. Susie Gronski

Author of  The Ultimate Cock Block


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But nothing! You create your vibe by your story and that “not enough” attitude will get you no where.
— Dr Lisa