How to Get A Woman to Rise?
Support Her, Love Her, Coach Her Soul To Freedom, Celebrate Her Wins and Help Her Take the Lead
— xoxo-Dr.Lisa, PT

Get C.A.L.M.

C=Clarity  A=Acceptance L=Love M=Motivation 

My name is Dr Lisa and I am a mom, wife , therapist, coach and the CEO of Belly Guru LLC , a women's holistic wellness company in which I serve as a Women's Health Leader that educates the public about the divine design of a women's body and #HER mind. I spend my days life coaching, being an integrative wellness provider while also hosting Spirited 😇Goddess Conversations online and designing workshops & courses . I love that I can now use my past two decades in the game for creating harmony in the lives of others, especially the female colleague in health and wellness leadership that is just starting the path of becoming the CEO of her career and wanting to be a present CEO of her family. So I host empowering conversations on iTunes with my Owning HER Health podcast , offer FB Live streams on Living well and send out a quarterly workbook on Goddess Health and Self Empowerment . Subscribe Now to my emails and never miss a #GoddessChat


  • The Podcast
  • Mind Body Brand Academy Coaching Program 8 week Personal Platform development & mentoring support focused on gaining strong roots for long term growth as a successful Lady Biz PT Entrepreneur
  • Online group and 1:1 coaching women out of pain. My 3 month signature Mind over Body Pain program is only available in Charlotte. A 12 week online life school for coaching women out of pain with mind/ body training and natural, plant based  solutions is in the works.  The intensive is focused on supporting the nervous system into recovery as well as moving each participant out of the paralyzing or habitual patterns a life that can take hold over the body, mind and soul.  Book a Virtual Wellness Consult from anywhere. HERE
  • Personal coaching for female CEOs to flip their pain and own their success story. Sometimes you just need another smart woman to become your truthful mirror. I love to consult with emerging women who want to keep C.A.L.M. but move forward on HER message. My Mind Body Brand Academy Mentors them. Learn More>>>
  • My Vlog/Blog Living, Learning & Health Leadership Conversations

Do You Believe The World is Waiting For Your Awesome?

"Lisa is amazing! She helped me overcome my fears allowing me to find my true voice and letting it shine. I'm proud to say I've officially written my very first book. Thanks for all you do Lisa!" ~Dr. Susie Gronski,DPT , PRPC, Author of  The Ultimate Cock Block, Connect With Susie and Her Creative Health care Practice
"Lisa’s services are invaluable and rare! Whereas much in the healthcare world appears to be external: go to this course, get this certification, find this mentor/group; Lisa’s approach focuses on the internal: understand your unique strengths, tendencies and biology and how to channel this awareness into creating a lifestyle business you can be proud of and healthy in. I believe this is key to healthcare sustainability and impact and I am so thankful I found Lisa’s services, especially the Healthcare Provider Index and opportunities for 1:1 on coaching. I understand myself much better now and this allows me to be more successful in my business and working with my clients." ~Dr Jessica Roberts, DPT, GCS connect with Jessica in MI

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I offer high impact solutions , clarity and transformation for an affordable initial investment. I speak your language. I've walked your path.

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Everything is right on time. I feel my personal power over my health and wealth rising as I step up and move to my natural rhythm and flow.
— #Dr.Lisa, PT The Power of Mantra
Featured Medpreneur in Private Practice MBA

Featured Medpreneur in Private Practice MBA

To Thy Ownself Be True
— ~William Shakspeare
Dr. Lisa Holland, Integrative Physical Therapist, CEO Belly Guru LLC

Dr. Lisa Holland, Integrative Physical Therapist, CEO Belly Guru LLC

Lisa's innovative programs were featured on WBTV Health Watch: Click to watch 

Lisa's innovative programs were featured on WBTV Health Watch: Click to watch 

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But nothing! You create your vibe by your story and that “not enough” attitude will get you no where.
— Dr Lisa