A Goddess Chat on managing and Leading Public Health Transformation Online

Transforming public health to me is a personal mission.  I think as a woman watching it from the inside out (literally giving birth in this country) I need it to be.  Never mind that I am a full out health care #ladybiz minded diva.  In this case, the diva isn't going to work. My demanding old school litigious fear based mentality to wake up one morning with a changed mind is just not going to cut it. I believe this transformation should not be left to proclaiming a global movement as much as leading the ignition of a shared and global flame.

I Believe Transformational Health Begins With My Mindset About My Role Not Yours

We need better public health and you just don't have a public if you are negating the welfare of the mothers. That is a sign right there we are lacking a firm understanding of the system needs in America because our Maternal Health stats stink. I created the Guru Goddess Tribe Vibe because I believe in the power of women to heal other women and that after they resolve their own truths, they can do great things through a collective energy. That vibe will change in the norm. The best place I find to accomplish igniting that belly fire in thousands of them most efficiently is through social media.  

My Love Hate Relationship Online

Granted, I am not a fan of being too long on social media. I know it is addictive. I am also not a fan of all the different social media platforms but luckily I have found my Instagram to be very helpful for sharing my visionary women's health leadership thoughts effectively online.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and many times I add a few more so IG is just my style. This month I am focusing on my past year of Goddess Wisdom so anyone following me knows that I like beauty and simple things. That I firmly believe there needs to be less value on hierarchy in western medicine and more value on democratic ways. They know I believe pink is not a frilly thing. They also know I believe the old model of a medical system that is based off physician lead healthcare teams is dead and that it is time physicians and administrators acknowledge that. I am very clearly in support that we open our doors to very old time tested things. Most of all, no one that has followed me would be surprised if they heard me say "All clinical doctors like me need to start talking the same language of love, unification and lifestyle healing.  

Social Media to The Rescue

So that is how an influential brand gets made. On Instagram, I can be the artist of a new perspective.  It is for me my personal favorite for getting the feel for the Guru Goddess Tribe. It is clear that my spirited goddess themed membership votes to look fear in the eyes and kicks ass unapologetically.  I believe social media is helping on those grassroots of my work in feminine leadership and health culture change.

Here's A Better Pill for That

Transforming Superficial Quick Fix Solutions

Finding Your Platform

I think it is important that we as women, professional ones, the ones that want to also be leaders, start to own our feminine style of being one. We need to stop mirroring the boys but throwing a flower on it.  I made a conscious choice to fight hard to have a choice to be free to be me and if you did too then we are the ones that understand how important it is we come together as ourselves, curves and conversation, monthly hormone shifts, strategic intuition and all.  There is strength in a collective energy but I also am bringing to light that there is some deep healing in the XX community we need to do first. In fact, one of my intentions with myMind Body Brand Academy  and podcast work is to see that through.

Leaders build a Financial Comfort level with Our Personal Platforms

There is nothing wrong with wanting good money for a job well done. Health Leaders are rich thinkers. We are perfectly fine with publicly declaring our personal value and advertising a service for a public health pain point. We even feel confident minus our title or role at the time. Managers, on the other hand, by nature of the definition are not. They are used to selling their titles and figure the certificates on their office wall will do the advertising for them. They manage others by outside defined rules.  As such a creative manager may get stuck in more of a poor mind mentality. She may find it very unprofessional and uncomfortable to separate #HERself from her title and publicly shine which doesn't make things easier on her when asking for a better role or raise from the hierarchy above her.  So there in lies one main core value conflict holding much of the western minded health professional back. We were trained to "manage" care.  We were not trained to lead it. I know that discomfort with taking the lead against the fear of abandonment, betrayal or shame runs strong in the professional and over two decades it seems stronger in the women versus men I mentor and treat. Women just tend to feel much better taking bold action when it is already a bigger acceptable movement.  Still, waiting on that in western medicine is like watching a pot of water come to a boil.  

Right now, if we have a desire to lead, the only way we can is to ensure we will be visible.  We can only help if we are in business or someone wants to choose us and it is completely justified and professional to motivate ourselves to support our financial power as well as how we bring professional value to the table. The fact is, if you want to lead, you need to be influential. While managers are successful being the leader in charge, Leaders rise others up. They don't focus on their individual technical skills so much, and rather put that energy into solving problems within the system that will help other health providers and managers fulfill their role.

Hard Choices but None are Bad

Now is the time to decide "Am I a leader or a manager and do I like that truth?" As a woman, do I want to fulfill my desire to serve and care by managing care? Am I pulled to make new rules? That is what personal authority is all about.  In defining your choice on your public platform, you will define a difference. I am not saying one is better than the other but I am saying they are different brands of service and the time has come to decide which one you are. 

Well, what do you think? Do you want to manage in your life or lead something? Share your wisdom below. 

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