Who Really Wants to Change?


The primary reason for not being happy or healthy is a deep fear of change.  More specifically, avoidance of the perceived work. Sadly, the longer we stay with our crap, the harder it is to recognize the smell and easier it is to live with it.  With things like chronic pain, stressed out over committed lifestyles and comfortable, yet unfulfilled careers or relationships, we will eventually feel pain, become trapped and paralyzed by it or numb ourselves at some level to avoid working it out. It is part of your DNA to seek pleasure and avoid pain . It is that simple but I have a solution.  

THE SOLUTION: Become mindful

Our root protects us from the the unknown but we cannot optimally function if we live a life of fear based stress response in our bodies.  Luckily, if you are mindful of the situation and receptive you win.  You must not forget "Fear melts away by understanding what loss or pain you are sensing". By understanding your thoughts over your body's ability, and then reworking that dialogue from survive to thrive, you can identify constitutional mental and physical behaviors ( Samskaras) and match natural resiliency patterns and motivators ( Tapas). Soon you will outline your own Yoga of Performance, a customized road map to your work/life/health performance goals.

The truth is, your health and happiness are your responsibility. Luckily they both are an easy,  natural by product of a life well lived.   If you are focused on unlocking your optimal life and full potential then I have the most comprehensive assessment program to share.   You just need to decide to take the most direct action.  With the right attitude, a knowledgeable coach and this time tested program, you can and will do this. I promise.  

Ready to see where you are on the spectrum of making change? Contact me for your Online Profile Link or if you know someone is right on the edge of his or her optimal potential but needs a few Hugs or a little push then pass this on so I can meet them. e a sample report