Leaving Societal Influences about Pain in exchange for Success

 If you do one thing today, take an inventory of who you want to be. 

If you are in pain today, what would you be doing tomorrow if you woke up with a different perception of what that pain does to you.  Are you not living a successful life if you still feel pain? So if You still had pain but it was a level that did not stop you from doing what you want, would you feel happy? That fact is helpful in organizing your thoughts on what you need for releasing the burden of pain from your life.  


Studies show HERE that the amount of being "hurt" is not the same as the amount of actual tissue damage.  In fact, if I were to gather a ton of MRIs I could not tell you if the person with a protrusion was actually complaining of pain.  That offers a huge advantage in overcoming the limitations you may have set forth because of the pain.  Maybe pain is not the issue.  Maybe the issue is your comfort with that level of pain.  

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