Are You Stuck or Still?

 Sometimes it becomes difficult to know whether of not we are functioning at sub par potential.  Sometimes we are just too stressed to care to do better or just o busy that we get lost in the routine of not really going anywhere but being stuck causes us to ignore the fact that we are working REALLY hard at feeling yucky.

A lack a feeling of excitement or high growth potential.  

 Being stuck can mimic a feeling of boredom , a struggle with energy or your weight, stagnation in your career or a dissatisfaction with relationships. This can lead you to break off ties or self sabotage long held dreams. 

On the other hand, being still is healthy.  It refuels the energy tank but is resisted by many as a sign of laziness or disciple they just do not yet have.  While stillness may require not moving forward, in a way it guarantees not falling back.  The reason is because in stillness there is a conscious effort to watch and learn and be present in the process of now verses the questions of what ,why or how before or in the future.  

The most obvious way you know whether it is a normal plateau verses a real issue moving through subconscious personal blocks is to check in with yourself on a regular basis. In doing so you can compare the subtle differences in how something feels.  Rest assured, one thing is clear when stuck, NOTHING is more painful then realizing that despite having attained your grades, your title, your home, your family and everything else on your "To Do" list that you are not quite able to say you are happy.  Nothing is more defeating than to look at your money, how you spend your thoughts and the thoughts that fill your mind and realize that your health has suffered. 

What it often comes down to is knowing your personal motivators

When you are blocked you are not living in balance. In this case, you would not be classified on my psychosocial metric as steady and still.  In that case you would be classified as stagnant which can be a very frustrating place to be.

For one reason, people act from a deep desire to have something or get rid of something in their lives. Part of navigating the path is finding your will power toolbox.  There is a place for the will as back up but whenever possible, the most refilling action should come from the heart. 

Personality bears the fruit of Internal Motivation 

There are 7 personal motivators, each with their own filters for your perception of life.  By offering this targeted assessment, both I and my client can finally understand the ease or dis- ease resistance.  We can plan around the why of behaviors or give an idea of why consistency fails

So what makes you do the things you do? I would love to hear your story. -xoxo Dr.Lisa,PT