Staying in touch with our own GPS

Ever ask Siri where to go and she has another state you visited in her GPS program? I have done this. I realize something is off and then I then realize I need to do the work of talking my request again because I cannot get what I need until I update my present coordinates.  This is why I try to meditate.  I, just like you, need to keep up to date with what is going on right now. I, like so many of my clients, limit myself from getting where I want to go in life by merely focusing more energy on how things were or how I want them to be in the future without keeping a majority of energy on what I need to do right now.  This method offers a convenient excuse or a recurrent problem.  Either way, I sometimes feel I have NO ENERGY for what I need to endure being in a level of pain right now!

Life sucks

At the beginning of every day, I choose to live with a disability or I can choose to avoid life under the perspective that I can not experience a good life with it.   I personally learned that life just sucks sometimes in my youth. Then as an adult, I got the lesson again by  moving beyond a few episodes of depression. In each chapter,  I got myself beyond the limitations of that pain more times then not by befriending it.  I let it charge and motivate the heck out of me. My yoga teacher Sri Dharma Mittra calls that charge "angry determination" and I have found that when I have encouraged clients to befriend that anger as a super power then when they see it, they can use it productively.  I believe the K.I.S.S. I offer through my scientific spiritualistic way of life can help my clients let it go through them faster.  

It sucks less when you have a friend

By befriending the most annoying behavior I offer my clients the space to listen to the true motivator behind that behavior. When they are receptive to change, they will.    I made my belief simply this... you can befriend a sucky outcome of some event in your life just by deciding that doing the work.  If you decide to believe that moving through it is LESS PAINFUL then avoiding it down the road then you will do the work.  

The internal GPS needs to be maintained

 In the end,  it comes down to making sure your internal GPS( Gut Priority System)  is up to date.   What is going on with it at the exact time you avoided or engaged the work of feeling the pain?  That realization makes life more free to flow but I will admit the resistance becomes very clear and that can be very scary.  

So how up to date is your internal GPS? I would love to hear how you keep it in tune with the changes at hand and as always, if you can be the messenger for anything that resonated with you, please share and help make the WORK of change not a bad 4 letter word.