Hello Resistance


I have realized several overlapping resistance behaviors which I call the "gates of change".  How easily we move through these gates create the "ease" or "dis-ease" we feel in our body, our mind and our work.  Navigating between how we perceive stress and how we actually get over it and process it will render it an experience of pain or joy.  Over the past twenty years I have had the opportunity to work with all ages and abilities and regardless of the age I have noticed the number one disabling "resistance" is fear.  Fear happens in the mind as soon as a conflicting belief on one's safety is crosses the mind.  As if the Invasion of The Body Snatchers were real, there is nothing more to see convincing to understand how the body is a puppet of the mind then what is written all over the physical body with conscious or subconscious fear.  

How You Wear Your Mind 

In a baby I may see them scream and cry when placed into unsupported sitting.  In a man that feel's his ego is threatened I may hear a rise in his voice and a lean into me. In fact, in an adults things really get creative because we have years of experience covering up our emotions, denying our pains and strategically working around our deeper discomforts to the point that we blame the universe for a headache pain and ignore holding our shoulders may have closed off circulation for a while.  Ask any woman dealing with a high toned pelvic floor, anticipating the pain of intercourse will destroy "the mood".  Denying mental tensions can be rooted in deep protective behaviors will slow down healing and impede the highest performance of the body.  When training for something you want, giving up just because you feel the body, mind or soul pains of resistence is really futile when you consider the amount of energy you are using just to keep up the facade of not making that consistent ( not perfected) change.  

Fear is a Friend, not the Enemy

When we perceive the resistence of fear it is a wake up call that things are starting to change.  That means, our brain is changing, our gut with a new diet may be changing and our relationship with ourself may be changing.  The threat at our base of support that may be coming from our finances, our relationships or our actual form starting to NOT BE the same may feed into big powers of resistance manifestation but you are completely normal.  

Yoga can ease the Pain at all Physical Gates 

So you may feel in your belly, at the throat at your respiratory diaphragm at the bottom of your ribs.  You may feel the palpations at our heart, as sudden fatigue or boredom at the mind/brain and eventually, if really digging at the spiritual core, when you stick with it anyway you can, you may be rewarded with a euphoric sense of vitality point which is at the crown of the skull.  This is of course a personal observation (which works very well with the system of yogic healing ) but even as a physio, when I have traced back long standing physical traumas to their real present day pain point,  I can usually find the persistence of pain is actually tied into a corresponding emotion that comes out pertaining to the physical sense of release I may guide from my hands or a yoga sequence at that time.