Here is the truth

I can not heal you.  All I can do is give you a crap load of information if you want me to and guide you in how to apply it to your body, your lifestyle and your intentions but if I am going to make a change then you are going to have to as well.  

 I don't mean to make it hard.  In fact, I have worked hard to make it as simple as possible but it takes some courage to admit and act in a way that creates change and I commend you for even researching how to do  it. Still, most of my work is in figuring out how the hell to get you working around inertia.  That law of physics is REAL and I see it paralyze people in habitual patterns of action or inaction everyday.  I see it in their muscles. I see it in their attitudes.  I even see it in their work.  

The one thing I have heard time and time again from clients who have had success is that , once they started working with an aligned mindset , they began to own the process.   Suddenly they reported they were willing to obtain the resources,  then; after that initial decision to trust, they were more willing to be real and vulnerable. .  This made making change simple because there was just no other option anymore than to grow.

 The trick is that both of us must believe we can bring our "A" game to each session.  We need to feel like we can communicate. I can support the self realization that you have a bit more of the load because you must be willing to surrender a bit of what you did before to get a different outcome. For some that means taking more action and for others it means learning the art of stillness.  

How do you prepare for the game of life everyday? Do you have a ritual or a pre bed time routine?  Let me know and if you think someone in your tribe has an even better solution or needs some advice, please share for him or her to add on a comment or read on.