I believe in KISS-ing medicine.

I want to help you stay well by helping you Keep Life Simple and Spiritual.  As much as you want to blame something else, today you are the master of your ship.  How dare I blame you for your sucky life, stressed schedule, for your crappy work hours. Let me ignore your reactive weight gain and poor diet. After all, you are doing the best you can with the level of confidence, fatigue or persistent pain you experience each and every day.  

The Power of Words

Well, if you thought I was blaming you, mocking you at any time in my comments above then you just proved words have the power to hurt .  Even more so, the weight you gave my words had you give up the ball and watch yourself lose the game. 

You see, for this reason, I believe in the power of a KISS


K stands for keeping kindness in your life.  In yoga we call that attribute, Ahimsa.  I want to instill ahimsa by keeping my promises to keep on top of my game so that I am not tired for you, so that I remember to do what you asked of me and so that you can feel important and supported and dare I say "LOVED" by me.  I will try to be mindful of my words so that they have the power to heal and not hurt.  K also stands for the kindness you need to give to me and you in your promises made to yourself in our contract.  


I is for the person who would love to give you a clear path to re ignite the relationship you have with with your self and others. I stands for the insight into the fact that your body is not broken.  What you feel as broken is fatigue and a spirit ready to crack.  Faith is knocking on your door asking you to step up to your ability while I help you move thru and onward in your life.  


S is for the success I keep seeing but you need to decide if we are focusing on the healing or the disease.  You must let me know if we are going to work on the dysfunction or the resolution of  your life.  You must define if "IT", the success thing that is getting in your way of taking persistent action is the condition of your brain, your job , your kids, your relationships, your paycheck , your title and everything else that is self sustained. Yup, That's right I said it again.  Everything on that plate you have was put there by you so what do you see on the plate of success?  


S is also for how simple it can be.  Notice I said simple, not easy.  Nowadays, if I really want simple all I need to do is pop a pill and numb it or hurt in some other way more to  distract it or jump and stay focused on pleasure seeking distractions but is it working ? Apparently we are all more interested in making it hard because it appears your mind has the ability to dictate how painful or pleasurable your internal and external environment is.  Therefore, continue to be intuitive as well as wise.  Watch and appreciate the art of living as much as the science. 

 If you could just take a moment to refocus your lens, breathe out and clean the view then you might notice the moral of the elaborate story you have created.

So K.I.S.S. me as my medicine and I will do the same but in yogi style where your health and your work on this earth are linked to the natural rhythm of the universe. Call me crazy but I think Keeping It Successful & Simple with a touch of Spirit is genius.  


The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome
— Albert Einstein

Now it is your turn to shine.  How do you give yourself some KISSes?  How do you know you need them? Do you feel more KISSes in medicine would be a good thing or not? Do you feel social interactions with caregivers would help or hurt your healing?  

As always, I would love to hear from you but if you have nothing to say, would you pass this on to someone you think you can help out today.  Thank you! 

-xoxo Dr. Lisa. PT