3 ways I understand your pain and want you to get the respect you deserve


Society suffers when the best of it's thinkers and action takers do not succeed. After my upteenth staff meeting on "Giving Excellent Care" I decided I would like to give myself a bonus for being so damn "Excellent" and took action.  In my case, I decided to stop playing on both sides of the field and formally quit the traditional health care delivery model.  I decided to put the effort, at least for a year, to work full time building an integrative training system based upon what helped me biopsychosocially in yoga.  All you need to do is admit something has to change and find the support within yourself to work on turning off the Debby Downer. 

Getting paid IS NOT ALWAYS about getting PRAISEd in dollars for WHAT YOU DO

I am still frustrated with this one from time to time but so are my traditional PT colleagues.  Plus as a yogi I am fully aware that all that comparison is just my ego and I can make peace with it quickly. After all, I did not get many excited cheers from fellow PTs or yoga studios back in 05' when I decided to be different so I have become patient with change. Who can complain? I get paid by creating a successful experience in life for myself and others.  

I understand you have loans and kids and an overbearing health conglomerate paying those bills or breathing down your throat to not adjust your perspective but are you happy?  Are you healthy? Are you confident enough to be awesome and stay inspired being a healthcare professional in an entirely different but maybe more personal way?  I offer 3 ideas to align with what you value in life so that you can use 2016 to create something amazing .

No.1: You need to be creative...If not hire or marry someone who is.

By making my integrative PT practice my full time gig , I decided a 100% cash based model was how I wanted to go but you do not need to do that.  What you need to do is become the missing link for many.  I creatively marketed to a client base falling in the cracks in our present healthcare system.  That would be my most successful amongst 2 powerhouse health care systems who owned many therapist's courage in my town.  That would mean I would limit the amount of clients I took on 1:1 and expand my time and have some pediatric services I originally had not intended. I would give some of the service paths that insurance stopped paying for like group exercise, postural wellness screens and consult offering emotional support time. I analyzed my resources.  I had a creative flair and was not afraid of social media so I used those low cost avenues to offer meet ups on Meet Up.com.  As my husband is a fellow entrepreneur (and I picked the right guy) I had the emotional support ( and financial adjustment support) to be a little fearless and take on rental space.

It took me another several years to find and fine tune an objective language with my psychosocial assessment model of evaluation and program planning.   Now I offer a common language for professional peers to personalize their plans of care and I opened up another revenue line with certifications. All of this came from pushing a more proactive and transformative system than I was taught but I needed to understand that the alternative was not an alternative for me. Either I leave the profession or I needed to re design how I am a primary care provider to play a better game within the constraints of the old and not workable system.

No. 2 : Find a way to start marketing yourself while also filling your Spiritual bucket.

How about cutting out a few hours from work or even an hour of sleep on the weekends to use some other natural talents you have but fail to put aside the time to give yourself joy in?  What if you spend one less hour watching TV per week and learn some new skills you will need for free on Cousera.org or volunteer to start integrating some consulting skills so you remember what you know instead of forget because of what you need to get paid for? If you have a non compete clause you may not be able to treat the same way but you can probably use your training to fill your spiritual bucket by reconnecting with your soft skills while helping others.  Maybe you write articles or give lectures?   You can also volunteer some services ( I have yet to find an employer not allowing that) and make important connections that will become referral partners who are not the typical hospital system kind.  That decision made us give up the BMW in exchange for a fairly nice Ford which is all I could afford cutting out the PT gig at the hospital but still, that freed up hours to be available for my creative side, open up my wellness center and flextime in my family needs without financial stress when I needed to make a change.  

So what if you hate the computer, are already burnt out in adrenal fatigue or have a money block?  Then pay a teen a few dollars a week to spend his or her time staring at the phone time to find links for your posts. Spend your lunch hours on something other than clinical patient care and walk barefoot in the grass. Go to the bathroom and DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE.  Spend no money unless you make money by  paying a split for hourly rentals as you make a sale. Rent space in a new place like a hotel with a spa where you have access to all their marketing dollars and traffic.

No. 3: Stop hiding behind your credentials. Don't be afraid to re define what it is you offer

I also needed to redefine who I was in the big picture of health care delivery.  I was a trained ATC, a Trained PT and a Classically trained yogi but I was also a woman, a forever student, a bit ADD and really wanted to build a practice that I could run most of the time between the hours of 7 and 3.  Crazy right?  That branding of my unique form of awesome took time and mentors for support. Luckily I found so fellow licensed therapist spiritually inclined loving yogis like me so that I could resist just re offering PT using yoga as therapeutic physical exercise.

I have to speak the language of my client. I offer spiritual medicine and neuroplasticity and resiliency training but spirituality is a scary concept tied into lots of people's baggage about religion or parents or personal vices for survival and those other words are not in the language of everyday people so I compromised by simplifying it to mind/body health and yogic philosophy.    I created income lines such as workshops and integrative ways to use spiritual connections within a person's personal DNA . I am starting to market online resources and while I respect the science behind hands on PT, I am not just a DPT. I never forget that research is not more valuable than the impact I could have by remaining empathetic and distinctly loving and human and that being happy with how I spend most of my time is priceless.

Judge yourself by what you had to give up to get there
— Dalai Lama via Budda Groove online

 It is true, I no longer define my self value by the letters after my name even though I love to get them but those letters are no longer about proving a value in reading what I write or paying me.  For some of my fellow health leaders taking a letter off of their name is like cutting off a limb but that is no longer me.  I have the clarity that I alone am my brand and I feel most successful living in yoga off my mat.  I like to KISS my work and keep it simple and successful because balancing the art and science of being a woman is hard enough.   The point I am trying to make is that I respect your effort to help others in this world and I want you to.   I do not need you to be Superman or perfect because I understand what you bring to this world but others need to see you amongst your titles and replaceable roles.  People don't need to #GetPT1st or want yoga on the mat to want to work with me.  They need to want to take accountable action to feel good in a body they love be open minded enough to have a conversation.  They need to respect my boundaries as I need to respect theirs.  They work with me because I work from a place of personal authority. I help people in a different way then what others in my multiple professions offer and they understand that because I feel good  even though I did not become a board member of the APTA or a board certified specialist, or a famous yogi on Instagram.  Still hundreds of client testimonials over the past twenty years say I took action instead of complained about the inability to help them in the way I do.  I have helped change health delivery and access to quality physical therapy while others are waiting for the change from the top down.  

Care to let me know how you will be making a professional full time commitment towards your own 5 Realms of Being this year?  I would love to hear about your plans and support you on Twitter, Instagram or FB.  Connect with me below and please share with others ready so we both can get more lights to shine.

I believe in you.