I want to Heal the Healers of The World

According to sobering statistics, about 300-400 physicians commit suicide in America each year.(1) I am not sure what the statistics are with Physios like me but I am sure they are better because unlike MDs, we can move around our style a bit easier, interact a bit more with our patients and don't resist the tendency to add on an alternative care credential or admit we made a mistake and leave the profession alive.  Neither way of leaving the world of healthcare is good for the public.  Simply put, it is often the most empathetic, well intentioned health providers who are being eaten up by the expensive dynamics and minutia of the system which means the public gets a larger ration of burnt out, apathetic, enslaved or unhealthy health providers staying in the game. 

I want to help you find your inner passion again

The world REALLY NEEDS THE AUTHENTIC YOU. I have been there. I own that and the work involved in cutting the cord from the mindset that this is all you get for trying so hard sucks!!!!!!!

But in 2016, let's really get clear on if this is all you are meant to do.  Let's decide how to make your present job better, how to move into that professional role as a consultant and partner with your clients or patients and reclaim the work/life/health dream you ( and your patients) dream of. 

Get Your PhD in YOGI . 

I have to say, yoga as it is taught on the mat, gets a bum wrap for causing injuries. So do PTs for that matter who meet a lot of client and industry resistance in working with you.  I mean teachers, like health care providers , are either well educated and safe or not.   Students , like patients, often come to sessions with their own agenda to be completely led by my outside authority or to lead in partnership with me in their personal authority.  They need to communicate discomfort with suggested solutions and I need to ask if they feel okay with what we are doing.  So what YOU need to do before you decide if getting your PhD in yogi this year is worth it, is to discern the truth by experience.  Go out and try a few. Get a private yoga therapist or spiritual health coach or a spiritual health advisor so you can experience the good and bad yoga outside of a journal article for yourself.  

Why Reboot with Yoga?

So is the science enough yet to prove to you that I you that I will not be making your patient or making you the next Budda? Do you realize that you need not be peaceful or  the most bendy yet? (2)  You really should try it, with the right educator of course because the classical guru/student yoga is basically right up a health care warrior's alley.  It rekindles and mixes the personal discipline and heart that got you through school with the scientific logic about taking care of your body through movement and physiology that kept you there.   As an ancient and thriving science you get a biopsychosocial and dare I say spiritual medicine pass.  It is the oldest of natural human science.  It studies subtle tendencies in human behaviors and can use technology without devaluating the human experience. So the fact that I got that over fifteen years ago should give me some credit for offering it to you?

No worries, but you can not deny that every health leader offering anything worth while of a solution knows they need to figure out a way to practice what they preach.  they would do best to offer their skills in a service that combines the evidence based behavioral science with years of personal self study and professional rehabilitation trainings to bring a viable solution for getting America well.  So how about bringing your "A" game everyday from a place of personal integrity, personal health balance and personal awareness of your own holistic health boundaries everyday? 

 That is why I seem to attract helping the healers.  Being trained by a fellow integrative provider is a system of self care that can be remodeled to up your own brand of wonderful is the best place to use your downtime. I welcome that relationship far more than a referral to me as a PT.  I think teaching health care providers resiliency skills are the thing I can offer through my career.  We all need to be coaching healthy behaviors in ourselves so that we can empathize and figure out how to communicate that necessary work in our practice.  


How else can I truly empathize and support behavioral change in the public when I am living a lie about the feasibility of it in my own life? Do you agree or disagree with how you work your magic each day? How can you start defining your success by what you have given up instead of acquired? I would love the conversation, so post below and if anything resonated and you want to share the love, please do.  The more ears and eyes awakening to the drum beat of the soul, the better. 

"There comes a time when you need to decide where to place all that energy being "compliant and complacent". Dr. Lisa, PT


Listen to how I Cut the Cord... Much love sent out to #HealthLeader Dr Joe Simon, PT Private Practice Business Academy


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