When Life Sucks

Living can suck the life out of you. That may not seem like my normal yogi spin on things but it is as much truth and love as I can offer.  Now don't assume I think life sucking is a bad thing.  I actually think it is necessary to qualify your life as successful one day.  Of course, I agree, it does not feel good to have your heart ripped out or lose your job but most of the suck time has molded me into a pretty amazing life and a much stronger woman than I would have been having everything always work out.  


Let's be very clear.  You will not get to the pinnacle of a bliss filled life of work and play alone.  You need to work but I am a testament that you can bust your ass and like it without selling your soul.  I did not always live this way. First of all, my business first failed because I had a vision but was too rigid in how it needed to be done. Looking back, I made it too big because I felt really small so I decided to copy the big guys. Then when I restarted,very small and safe it was "a hobby" for a couple of years.  Finally I took a year off my business and walked away. 

Having been a typical over achieving product of the 80's and 90's, my mind and my body went through that year off saying


Now,  I can honestly tell you the truth: Sometimes walking away is how you hear beyond the noise and truly hear your calling.  My practice is not really what I first intended it to be but I see how it all connected to the path I took so sometimes it takes a big "mistake" to see you actually were repositioned for what you really wanted but did not have the clarity before to achieve. 

I addressed what I needed vs what I thought I wanted. 

I needed to stop doing what was not working for me.  I needed to create the space away from how I thought I needed to spend my day so I could learn how I actually liked to spend my day.  I needed to slow down to let the other 500 + bridge builder therapists of the world I now connect with regularly on FB find and catch up to me. Sure, down time was  scary and tear filled but I came out better and spent the next 6 yrs in another flow.  I guess despite the pangs ( and debt I still pay) I never really broke in my belief that I had something special in the way I offered my primary health care.  I knew I would one day be found by my tribe. That is Hope and Purpose in a kind dance with the soul and I love it. I even walked away and gave myself space again becoming what I am creating in my life now so it really works if you have the heart and the faith. 

So how can YOU make that shift when you feel you need to do everything?

1) Accept there will be a sacrifice of some sort to shift. 

I listen to many people in many situations say the say exact thing for the same exact reasons. "I can't shift because I am the one making the money, or I am the one with the health insurance or I am the one everyone else depends on in some way"  I really get it but like I said, I hear this from all walks of life, all situations of family support and many difference providers or clients so it feels safe enough to say, I think some of them are trapped but most of them trap themselves.  

Now I am not one to be reckless . You may very well need to make a decade long plan to safely get out.  All I say is make the damn plans instead of feeling crappy you can't have it all yet.  Things happen where you would need to shift immediately like cancer or an unexpected death. You could do it. It would be crappy and suck but you would.  All I am saying is that if you would be willing to sacrifice somethings and stay focused on baby steps towards something else then you might be  surprised you were wrong. 

2) accept The game will be confusing for a long while

In the game of life we are given the equipment needed to play the game as a whole body, mind and soul experience but what if you do not want to.  What if you feel so much physical pain that you just would rather numb yourself and go away? If you understood the oxymoron in even saying I am living a successful life with pain then you would realize that life is technically set up to confuse the hell out of you half of the time.  It confused me for about half of it so far and the most logical way to deal with the resistance was to push back.  Finally, just before my son was conceived, I realized that I could also inhale and suck it up or exhale and surrender.  

3) Do it anyway... 

No one changes the world by wishing someone else would do the work. 

So Care to inspire me with how you have risen from your crappiest of days?  I love to hear your stories.  Tweet with me or Post a reply or a note on My FB page.