The Art and Science of Birthing A Conversation

There is this fine line I walk when discussing the science of the body and the art of living a fully present and abundant experienced life with my three main communities.  First there are the empath filled, open hearted yoga therapists. Then there are the linear, one way from A to B science nerd Doctors of Physical Therapy and then there are the holistic Life and wellness coaches which run the whole field between being obsessed with smoothies and biceps to sound based physiological change.  I myself tend to focus on the energy medicine in everything from chanting mantras to evoking new patterns of movement and flow right down to cramping bellies affecting your pain. 

We are complex

You can really imagine the complexity of how I understand a client's dysfunction and yet, it all blends seamlessly within me. That is a gift. Owning HER Health is in some ways a celebration of this. Each episode is a #gratitudeChat.

  Please understand, I have studied human behavior since I was a child with a Bipolar PTSD dad and an understandably anxious mother and layered on almost two decades of yoga.  I find great value in having these emotional and mental intelligence conversations because they are the foundational skill set for not only personal health but for professional growth.  In other words, run far away from anyone that tries to convince you that everything you need for success is outside of you.

There Seems to be a Connection

 I assume most would think these three arenas of women's health coaching, strong differential diagnostic physical therapy and soul coaching with yoga therapy would be a world of different but here's the coolest thing, underneath all the name brand claims to fame, they really are not. I know because I realized a few years ago, I deeply understand all three and that I have this beautiful rare gift from God...I fluently speak the language of body, mind and soul. So naturally, as a creative, service filled vibe,  I said to myself, "Goddess child, how the hell can you do something with this gift?

Opening Up, Growing Up and Honest Conversations

See here is the oddest thing,  when I am with each group , no matter which one or at what level of scientific or casual language,  I seem to have some great conversations. I also seem to hear the same message. Despite the apparent differences...

  1. We all have members of our tribe that want to change the word of health to have a more expansive model.
  2. There are light workers in each.  The health coaches seem to be a bit shy in the medical conversations but are all over social media. The PT ones are scared of social media and not always self aware of their gift.  Finally,  the yoga therapists for some reason, just don't come for personal branding help and neglect scientifically sound conversations about their body.  I often wonder if the most serious practitioners get caught up in their practice at the expense of being able to disconnect from their EGO or if they fail to get grounded and get lost in their own bliss filled conversations? In any event, I seem to have really great conversations.  
  3. We all know we need to start these cross over chats between we have some great ones on professional FB pages.  We not only need the public and the professionals to connect more in a casual way but we need the professionals to admit they need each other to heal themselves in a compassionate way.
  4. We all agree, man's  biggest solutions for the world have come out of personal deep pains
  5. Finally , in terms of a woman's life experience of pleasure, the more friends I make in that professional world,  the more I can see each group is filled with Lady Biz leaders that are coming to the tribe.


As women, most are having trouble fueling their dual flames between wanting to fan the fire of professional mental stimulation and still be filled with the bliss of heart based family focused living.

So, this new podcast of mine IS NOT another marketing ploy to sell you my other solution. This is the solution and I am on a mission to bring back the art of conversation because we need a better community discussion about getting our Goddesses to rise into their roles within the beauty of their softness to lean in with compassion and grace.  We need their innate Mama Bear fires for creating new models of successful living and love.  We need the perpetual cheer leaders to get us through our pains. We need to strategize and manipulate the tides of change like the moon and welcome wide conversation on what holds us back, despite all these innate feminine skills to connect.  


My guests and show tweetersInstagram followers and Dr.Lisa, PT FB crew are the stars of this show. All you reading this are invited every other week beginning 11.01.16 to the new party and all you need to do to be a major part of #TheVIBE is to find a loving way to support HER voice by contributing to #StartHERconversation.  I invite you to share your thoughts on staying healthy with your body, mindset, family, God and having your inner passions fuse with the world.

You are the stars of this show

So in reality, WE have an exciting podcast coming out today.  We all will be moving the dial on women's health and personal value . 

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— Dr Lisa, PT

xoxo- Lisa