A Huge #OmTastic Tip for Getting Back on Track

So what were your C.A.L.M wins so far in 2016? 

Let's focus first on what went right so far in 2016. What were you motivated to accomplish?  What actually got done? Those answers are a good place to figure out what your core values are.  I bet those goals were fueled a little deeper in something other than actually getting to the gym or losing 5 lbs so dig a bit deeper into where you won so far. You know me, be it a persistent hip pain or recurrent weight gain, I love to be the detective of the ROOT CAUSE of my client's concerns.  It is fun for me to share my LOVE OF SCIENCE and CREATIVITY so common in the feminine divine way of looking at the ART OF OPTIMIZING THE BODY. #ScienceNerd . I am bringing that work more and more into my practice. 



L-Loving Kindness in the Face of Fear

M-Mindfulness over Motivators

Teaching this Old Dog New Tricks ain't Easy

For me, the wins have been learning to be patient with my C.A.L.M amongst the minutia. For example, I am excited to say I finally have an online course up but the thought process of creating a virtual community of GURU GODDESSES began way back in 2013.  This was one of the stronger reasons I let my wellness center model of business go,( a huge step in surrender for me) but even though I took that FIRST BIG STEP I found myself avoiding what I really needed like just saying "Hell with it!"  and playing with the technical things of making videos or podcasts and getting a platform for my needs. 

So here I birth  4 BIG VIEW things I want to honor and share with you in Belly Guru 2.0 .  

  1.  "Sometimes life sucks doing big things alone" 
  2. "Be creative as hell and love helping others in community"
  3. "Look at the image in the mirror from a few points of view"
  4. "Trust that 'All is Within' and find your mentors and inner guide"

I will begin with tip number one today and get to the others in my next few posts.

Dear friend.... Please know it is important and very hard to figure out who you are and find your tribe ( in my case, big hearted, passionate integrative health providers who get we are all more than this body and the patient actually has the answers needed if we hold the space they need) . It is even harder to then shine amongst them and be yourself without feeling less than or better than them but...

With the right tribe you can be inspired and challenged at the same time. You can turn that fire into a flame that ignites the soul instead of burns it out. So, do the work.
— xoxo Dr.Lisa, PT

Here's one of those H.U.G.s of love with peace of mind you crave while you ponder that last thought.  

 Your Life Just Got Easier and Healthier

Your Life Just Got Easier and Healthier

 I have become an affiliate for  Thrive Market them because their name and energy is awesome and so the BGY motto to so vs survive our lives and second, they are going to make my job of helping you so easy.  They are a wholesale outlet for clean products and wholesome pantries with ONLINE EASY Free shipping over $49.  I will be getting my dose of non estrogen mimicking body products and bulk foods like Coconut Oil for sure.   A second chance to check them out HERE .  

While you are at it, grab some tools for taking an online private health assessment HERE and then grab some yoga tools by visiting Yoga Direct HERE. . I have become an affiliate for each of them as well, because I have sent so many clients to their low price online stores, I figured why not help support both our causes.  
  This lead me to a second nugget from Wisdom

“By being in alignment with your purpose in a bigger web, you can see, move and breathe where your awesome is.”
— xoxo-Lisa


Remember, Life is way too short to stay inside someone else's lines all the time but you also need community. Gosh, it was really great catching up wasn't it?  

Don't be a stranger. Contact me or come share the space at an event anytime AND if you think you know anyone who can benefit from this blog post please share the love we both have to share below:) 

XOXO - Lisa