You Are an Amazing Piece of Work

The Art of BodyWork

I have to say that at this point in the journey, my title at work is probably best described as being a professional life stylist as my idea of health has evolved from being about the tone my muscles or the weight of my body to a multi systemic experience of life.  Still, day in and day out, I am reminded how important it is for me and my clients to become better schooled in the art of their body.  

We Barely have a Kindergarten Diploma in Body Works. 

It is just sad how little we in America actually understand this vessel we walk around in everyday. We have a hint of what is inside but if we really understood the artistic design in how one thing blends into and out of the functional ability of the other, we might then understand the underlying beauty and the grace amongst the science of how we were made.  Take for example the intimate conversations we have with both the outside world and our inner signals when we eat. Mindful eating(1) attributes to better digestion and therefore more usable materials in your body to fight disease.  So it is more important to put down the phone and pull over to the side to eat that Big Mac than it is to buy the organic apple and be doing a million other things while you chomp it quickly down and barely chew it.  Now this is an extream example but, it shows you how we, no matter what color of our skin or town we live in, actually have some control over good health. It just takes a bit more effort over our self authority of understanding how we can do the best we can do, with the resources we have.  

The Pieces on the Outside

When you break us down to our pieces, our function ( or dysfunction) is really an amazing group of angles and curves controlled by both our volitional control and unconscious processing of information from the inside and the outside of our form. There are control centers that tweak the chemicals in our body and chemical messengers , as well as electrical impulses, that constantly light us up or bring us down.  Take for example the core.  

When I say core, most people assume I mean the six pack abs they long for.  Actually, I mean the deep core, the 4 muscle groups that root all of all our functional stability and power to do the physical things we want to do without strain or pain.  So I recently decided to start up some Body Lab Workshops and will be sharing some videos which will eventually be part of the home education opportunities via my online learning center .

Helping to delve a bit further into the body for my clients and fitness colleagues is helpful.  Together we can then work as a team to evaluate and establish behaviors that help in the caring environment of home and casual conversation. 

Being Creative Helps You Learn Complex Things

I think one of the reasons why I love my independent practice so much is because I can be so creative with teaching my clients.  It takes time to creatively expand their perception of health.  I have found that by offering "the way" via complimentary services like a safer yoga experience, downloadable shopping lists or some health coaching , I get them doing their homework happily.  It really helps bridge the space between what they know they have to do with the empowerment of actually doing it. Successful living, OmTastic Living,  seems to always come back to getting creative and being an "OUT OF THE BOX PT" .  A decade down the yellow brick road, I can not see how I can offer the support that they truly need to change their own lifestyle outside the clinic.   

— Dr.Lisa, PT

Your Opinion Matters

Do you agree that having more conversation time with your health care providers would matter?  How do you feel about having more creativity as the norm in getting you the information and support you need?  Do you think it would empower you? How has your experience in obtaining health been the last few years?  What has been your pain point in obtaining good health thus far?

Please Let me know your thoughts below and as always, if you think someone you love can benefit from these offerings, please share.  Becoming a force of change takes a village and I appreciate the company



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