Part 2 Of Om Namah Shivaya Chants and New Western Oath of Health Leadership...

HELLO 2016

Last post I described THIS new hippocratic oath be taught to all disciplines of medicine.  I also highlighted what mindset led me on this path towards developing a creative health leadership brand. But truth be told,  five whole years between the conception of my ideas and the birth of the first evolution of Belly Guru INC after and few tangent ideas a few years before that, is WAY TOO LONG of a pregnancy.  Plus, when I finally gave birth to the Belly Guru, she was still modeled in a bit of old school fear based hierarchy but now, the truth did set me free. 

Feels So Good to Be Over the Hump. 

I am over a decade wiser and realizing the next phase of birthing is becoming the midwife to others birthing their integrative and creative careers in new ways.  Now as the Belly Guru ,  I can sink into the role of visionary leader and truly help the next generation of Primary Care PTs in birthing a profession that leads health a whole lot easier than me.   I see it all so clearly now. I earned my degree in courage through years of trial and error building something up but just as easily am ready to give it away to give others the 5 things I wish I had:

  1. Someone to coach me into how to tap deep into the inner resources I already had.
  2. The support to trust what made sense to my feminine ways of connecting to people's hearts and their inner pain instead of traditional white coat distance.
  3. A model to harness my Hera like power and blend it into the Omega like leadership tools I regularly use now.  
  4. Experience in finances, marketing and work/life/health balance that was not theoretical or in a book.
  5. The faith that I could do something completely new off my knowledge of the old or re do the old in a way that had not been marketed before.  

What always helped was that my outcome goals were clear:  I needed a private practice that did not compromise my ethics.  I needed it to work in a way that placed me physically around my family more times than not.  I needed it to be flexible enough to support my husbands dreams of a business of his own, that sustained itself and more if desired and would not damage my health. Too big of a dream?  Not for someone destined to improve the world by living it!  What I did do during those early years was trust my gut and intuition and keep moving on.

The Oath of New Health Leadership Promises to Value Who You Are

So why a brand new oath? As I wrote in Part 1, the oath is a contract between you and your highest potential.  In yogic life studies, that is the spiritual power bestowed to a mantra. It is not for the lazy or the weary or the ones of little faith in themselves to do the work.  I will say though, that despite the work, creating the courage to dig deep and keep knowing yourself makes it so much easier down the road. 

As a child I always loved movement, human behaviors, mythology, cosmology and mystic sciences.  I was the first born, under a summer sun and naturally ended up the lead role mixing these things as I walked my path.  But, this path is not walked into by chance.  I worked hard to build my skills and then build a community around them. I have always been creative and passionate.  I embraced it. I loved like Aphrodite in my youth, spent my 20's channeling Athena and then realized in my 30's I wanted to be strong and was still determined and powerful but, as a mother, I desired that fire in a much more softer and subtle , loving kindness way .  In my story, without a spiritual guide until my mid 30's it took me until 40 to shed many of the layers of protection I needed early on. 

 Now I can see how it all fits together. How I am a catalyst for an ever bigger project and while it feels like it took me forever to shift into my most natural vibe , I have so many resources to help others succeed in the service and love of  a life they were born to lead .-Me 

The Irony of It All is Perfect. 

The funny thing is that I had female #LadyBizPT mentors around me and yet I felt alone in my #GuruGoddessTribe vibe until more recently.  Omhealing itself is gender neutral but fluid in nature.  It takes the male traits of hunt and gather but also will adapt to co leadership delegation and hold space in equality and community in order to get the overall mission done.  As I stated, the vibe is actually based off a mutual respect and gender neutral chant but I was perplexed as to why non of those strong women drew my attention as a business mentor.  I guess I never saw any of the owners utilize this OmHealing leadership style to build their staff, run their business or lead their life.  How could I?  The world was waiting for the example to be me.  In the meantime, being Zena, the single warrior goddess without a desire to put aside a sword to go have babies was just a sign of the times.   Had I not learned to let my passionate heart hear my intuitive belly,  I would have surely had me rule the same.  The irony is that had I found my ideal mentor too early, had I remained on the path I set early on , career first, kids after, I may have never moved on to create this vibe . The irony in the universe is always perfect. 

~Always Seek to Remember Who You Are Born to Be

Care to share? Have some insight? Let me know.