I have come to the conclusion that each individual has a unique manner of establishing energetic discipline.  Knowing where to deposit or withdraw energy from between the 5 Realms of Personal Integrity (TM) is essential to successful living.While my research friends study genetic codes, I have been studying my own definition of our most needed DNA . After all, my job as a consultant is to figure out the inefficiencies in their present management system (functional code) and then figure out the language ( the patterns) they speak to alert them to some more profitable solutions.  

Overcoming resistance is simply being able to identify your D.N.A .   

Just like the DNA in our genes, this code hold power. Our D.N.A. dictates our :
Discipline: How likely we will complete a task at hand
Natural Style: How aligned we are in what we are doing
Attitude: Our perspective on the situation or action. 


If we appreciate each person's DNA then it makes complete sense to customize each session. Doing so will have a natural style of ease and their attitude about resistance and be able to truly honor the limitations of using mental, physical, emotional or internal motivators. Each holds the lock to untapped potential for optimal living by mapping energy exchanges in respect to them self and others. This is basically the blueprint for effective communication. 

Knowing Your Triggers Intimately Will Make You Successful 

It is here where the understanding of each past experience as an starting point to the threat of pain is easy.  Here we can layer on her unique behavioral style and truly get the big picture view which we will base a strategically stacked alignment with my client's core of beliefs. That core will be based upon a life of experience, personal motivators and value system that only someone skilled in active listening can perceive.  So, taking the time to figure out her DNA with her and using it to start her conversation, as anything other than her version is crucial in figuring out where to begin.  There really is no targeted "health" goals without that. 

Care is Like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know...

Each piece of this psychosocial realm game of Jenga is controlled by the touch of my hand, the truth in her story and the receptivity of both our hearts to empathize with her pain.  Being hard, and brave is not about closing off a piece of your core wisdom of what is really wrong.  Grin and ignoring the pink elephant in the room every time you do not succeed or feel your pain is not being aligned with the goal of freedom and prosperity.  That focus of energy wears you down and beats you up along the way. My job is therefore to give her the ability to understand the power of her words and My gift to her is sometimes being the first one in her life to see her power as super.

So what do you think your D.N.A attributes are?  What are your super powers? Do you feel you are in touch with them on a daily basis or are you feeling the resistance in meeting your personal goals? Discover yourself HERE and if you have someone in your life you think is hitting their resistance and needs a helping hand, please share this post so they can get that hand from you! We are all in this together so let's return to acting like it.