Times Change, Needs Change


Now , as I pass into the tail end of my clinical days and move into more of the mentor, I spend some time in conversations with other PTs, newer than me on Facebook.  I am amazed how much has changed in options to share their wisdom but in the same way, how much some of the mindset holding my profession back on the personal value of a PT for years has remained the same.  My spiritual teacher Dhamaji once said to me , "Everything can use an update" and I really see it in western medicine so my role as a medprenuer is changing.  I added on the yoga , moved into motivational soul coaching, writing, professional mentorship and trainings in celebration of these CAM therapies that are shown to work in health care and aging. This drives some of those new Doctors of PT batty.  Why should it and why should it not? Hey, I believe that different angle even catalyzed this blog post here but If I am really practicing my yoga then, no matter what I live and believe, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion so long as it is not targeted towards hurting me. In fact, striking up a conversation is sometimes the fire to turn fertile soil into gold so I will take it.   

A Professional Escape that served me

Many of the debates are about seeing my role as an authoritative figure. At the time, leaving the linear mindset of "A good PT is the authoritative patriarchal leader" toward "Being a good PT involves me being a wise friend and resourceful guide" has been an evolution of many years for me .  I was very much that clinician that pats themselves on the back for taking on an authoritarian role . Now being a great PT means I am both a skilled clinician but also humble enough to hang up that hat to focus on being a good partnering guide.  Wanting to shift to a more feminine form of healing was a personal thing.

I get it.  Western Medicine is of a Father knows Best Mind. 

In many ways , someone needs to be a catalyst in a shift but since I am the wise one, I know my clients come to me with the false story that I know more about the root of their persistent struggles then they do.  It took me some self reflection and trust using other modalities to really get it because my soil for healing is full of that other food telling me patients are helpless without my medicine and that is why they come to me.  Still, I changed the soil and grew strong anyway. I did not abandon evidence based practice but I expanded my mind to value other things I saw and my client's ability to take control of their care.  It just is not a black and white thing.  It is a trust or don't trust thing and I think it takes some real professional restraint, ego checking, professional healthcare skill to turn that education around and offer my clients the lead on the plan with my support as the fuel.  

In this way, my own struggles with good maternity health during my first pregnancy, my venture into motherhood with 2 young kids and a desire to become a CEO outside the home was a natural evolution to move away from structural manipulation towards supporting more persistent and complex biopsychosocial pains.   Back in 2004 none of my pregnancy or pelvic care trainings thus far would carry over to the 80 ceus I needed to keep up my ATC credentials so I let them go, just like that they did not mean a thing unless I planned on stepping on the sidelines of a field.  I just decided women's health needed to change and I had some wellness views on how to do it.  I was going to be an integrative PT focused on the holistic need of women to empower themselves through transformational change.  As the universe would have it, thank goodness I made that mental shift because the one PT group online that just does not seem to be snarky and digging their own hole into scientific method oblivion are those involved in women's health PT.  


Now, I can say it is because it is the sector dominated by women clinicians, and that we tend to use community more than arrows but some are men and they seem to get it as well.  Some of the women are very academic and they seem to get it too. So Maybe it is because we are dealing with normally taboo clinical things like sexual positions , pooping or the energetic toll of a pregnancy loss. Maybe we have seen the power of the mind one too many times and just have not had the same technical tools for measuring the orgasm of a client but somehow these professionals seem to be okay with inviting the individual hurting into the leader of the conversation much better.  Maybe it is that they naturally rely on the medicine of relationship and trust when weighing the psychosocial impact on the biometric readings.  I have no clue but whatever it is, thank goodness, or I would have left the profession a long time ago to be a full time yoga therapist.

The Science of Feminine Design is Complex

Our awareness of being a woman is changing. The science of caring for us is changing and we are realizing our feminine chemical brain and it's capacity to control our body , our moods, our perspective and our skill set will need to evolve healthier, happier, wealthier and whole is absolutely changing. Depending upon our cycle of life, our love story with our personal health and our personal wealth is always changing.  

We as educated women, especially if striving to figure in a successful business or career, want to celebrate our natural strengths, use our intuition, tend and befriend verses fight like a man. We want to connect with our nature flow instead of having to work so hard to be seen a certain way. We want to overcome our FEARS OF FAILURE .  

So, in order to fulfill my deep desire to simultaneously own my life while helping other women thrive, I got to thinking "How can I update the arena of women's health?"  I would like to start some conversations with you to help me do that.  

There is still a resistance to the work of Change 

I think there are a ton of women wanting to take a bigger leap into controlling their health and wealth like me.  There is also a big gap between all these things we research and actually need for taking that leap of faith.  Be it finding the support we actually need to break free of a bad relationship, go back to work or exercise in a different way, we stress about it.   So I am going to start helping my fellow goddess leaders start owning their own whole health with some gal pals that I know. I also have some guy friends working with women a lot. I have a lot of entrepreneurial friends as well as we all understand how it feels to weigh the pros and the cons. 

Yes, I think A virtual hangout space with interaction capability is the perfect solution!

Have a Brand You Love in 60 days! 


Looking for The women who feel their personal story and mission is worth a share. 

Be it starting a viable business, shifting your career to have a stronger home life or dealing with ongoing physical pain, let's talk about it by clicking the image above or contacting me directly HERE.  

Help me share the love with other sisters struggling. Send to a friend ready to roll.  Good Karma is catchy.