Let's Celebrate Our Right to be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Bold

See, I approach a woman's life a bit differently than many coaches. I assess and then target 5 Realms of her health through her physical, energetic, mental, psychosocial and sense of purpose. We look at function of physical integrity, energetics, mental, psychosocial and alignment with purpose.  Then we look at how you share the load, if you share the load, what areas are needing attention.  We figure out the systematic leaks, we look for the empty buckets and we look where you may be over flowed. ( Any of which is creating resistance ( unresolved stress) and creating dis-ease.  Then we figure out a way for you to feel empowered enough to make the changes you feel you can in your life to balance you.  It really is not about taking out stress.  It is about Clarity, Awareness , Limiting Love and Motivators . Minus direct trauma or attack, even in the case of cancer,  any time the body is showing signs of illness it is a good indication there has been a disconnect with health at some other level for a while.  We, especially women, are kick butt and resilient.  We know how to deal with stressors and are actually made for it better so when we are hurting physically, it has been because we have been hurting in the system I described for a while.  

 I have found great satisfaction in not only helping a busy woman manage her body but in partnering with her mind to ignite her life.  Next, I hold space for her to be free of the fear of failure so that she can be more creative, sexy and make the right decisions in her life. Finally, I respect that she, not I alone, has the inner wisdom to take the lead and support herself.  We play with tons of tools that take action with RESPECT & LOVE for the struggles she has endured in her body , mind and soul along the way! 

So how do you care for yourself everyday?  Let me know below and if you have a girlfriend in need of this message, I would love if you created some good Karma and pass this on.