How Being an Expert Generalist is Actually Grand as a Physical Therapist Today (Part 1of 3)

My brother ,who is also a physical therapist and shares my bravado for learning new things, recently sent the article The One Trait That Elon Musk, Ben Franklin, And Marie Curie Have In Common to me . In the article, Michael Simmons speaks of the undervalued genius of being the 'multi talented master of none' . This is presented as a very good attribute in the area of business and in being one myself, I connected the dots and can see the opportunity for generalist physical therapists(PTs) like myself, to place themselves as the expert gatekeeper for those stuck in persistent dysfunctional living.  In this way,  PTs who align with the thrill of wide ranging deep study can position themselves into becoming a key mind atop the health care management team.  

Why not?  PTs have direct access in all fifty states to some degree and are trained to assess for red flags as primary care practitioners. A holistically minded evaluation is plenty of time to identify my role and refer out to others so while my brother may have forwarded me this article as a means to sooth his bruised ego,  I told him to take pride in 

exactly this title and remain his most authentic course.  In fact, I am always advising him not to worry about rushing into collecting only one linear view of his profession because for twenty years I have seen the same story played over and over, the more time you spend chasing the dream, the more time other professionals who feel confident enough to take on the challenge come in and start living it. I beg of all open minded medprenuers, JUST DO IT. Become that autonomous solution and build webs not linear bridges toward effective care.

Part 2 : Why Being an Open Minded PT is Grand?


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