Owning Her Health

Owning her health in the modern full throttle world has grown from assessing her form to finding the most effective ways she can nourish all 5 realms of integrity BUT the science of being a vibrant woman is complex.  On top of this, healthcare is really afraid of believing in the soul and instinct of a woman. It is slow to admit life is beyond the human body or brain chemistry alone and healthcare providers need to switch the role of healer back to the client and step down a notch to becoming a partner or to guide. Information and technology and family roles are changing at an even faster pace than anyone can keep up with.  The world sometimes feels insane!  Of course you feel anxious!

Understanding your Power for Peace of Mind is A Start

So I have been testing the waters of online programing for my clients. My hope is to expand it world wide to anyone who feels I can help them.  This past week's lesson in my 8 week summer course  focused on stress management and how it is affecting your wealth as well as your health .  I thought you all reading this may benefit from the share. 

So? Are you aware how stress is effecting your success in life?  Are you owning your health?  What do you need to become the master of your ship?  Let me know in the comments below and as always, if you can pay it forward and make some good karma for a friend or family member in need, share the post !