The three most important things I have learned as a Woman’s Health coach and Entrepreneur

There are a few key concepts that walking the walk has taught me that I would have never known if I had not been so determined to create a business that fit my desired lifestyle. 

  1. The misunderstood and yet divine, amazing alchemy of a woman requires us to empower our bodies, minds and souls on a daily basis DIFFERENT THAN A MAN. If providing quality support that nourishes us back, we as providers need to be healthy in body, mind, financial power and relationships.  
  2. We as busy, well educated and ambitious women need to start owning our own health and creating the solutions across the board for maintaining desired careers before we can expect to honestly have the solutions for any other women trying to do so.
  3. Creating my own personal brand of integrative lady boss wisdom and expanding how I view and use my personal strengths, energies and resources as a physical therapist, health coach, life coach and yoga educator was PARAMOUNT to my success in aligning my business and my life.

Call Me Mama Guru.....

Back when I started Belly Guru LLC, I was strategic in my plan to be the brand, become "The Belly Guru" and for the local market I was very successful but along the way to becoming who I personally am today, I burnt myself out a couple of times. Even after learning how to manage my energy, I felt kind of tied to the way yoga and women's health looked to the public and stubbornly held onto an uncomfortable brand.  Fast forward to today. It has taken me three carefully crafted years unrobing myself of one brand and embracing the clothes of another without throwing out the baby with the bath water.  For this very reason, I now advise women to create a level of themselves they wish to share, that will remain the core of their brand no matter what they sell because changing a community's  perception of what you bring to the table is hard. This is especially true if you are fairly successful the first time around and want to keep your business income fluid despite any change.

Being Authentically Me Instead

When I began, I was under the misconception that I needed a huge following of people who wanted to be me in order to make any money.  I remember I just felt like I didn't have a following of guru loving PT students on my tail in the like of McKenzie or Paris or even a smidge of Jack La Lane.  I did not have the money for much more than I had invested into the business ( which was even less than I invested ----Big mistake) but I remember I had no fear. I had a vision and a mission and it held lady fear at bay.

This attitude of fear ( less) and love ( more)

Now, I will admit, I have always been more of a Medicine Woman and catalyst than a conformist following the western medicine tribe but that doesn't mean I do not value it. All it means is that I looked around, looked at myself, looked at the opportunities presented and decided to create a new thing that worked for me and my ideal clients a whole lot better. I didn't invent anything new, I repackaged what was out there and while I never intended to invent my own thing,  the Belly Guru was a brand new thing in my town.  Likewise, the Guru Goddess Tribe is HER own thing. By being a female leader myself, I inadvertently offered a new focused feminine wellness choice for the Charlotte ,NC market.

But The most important thing I have learned as a Woman’s Health coach and Entrepreneur is...

    Never be Afraid to Evolve....

    Maybe I get bored. I am beginning to think I either made myself ADD or I always had it but I am onto something new and if I am truly successful then I should be able to share they new things I want to do. In watching the conversations on Facebook pages I notice something inherently self sabotaging in my own professional circles. There is a persistent fear between female professionals, across all my communities.  The personal pains of rejection and vulnerability show up as professional business pains. Many of the conversations are very much along the lines of the personal ones I have with clients for their pains which in the end come down to three things, Fear of abandonment, Fear of Shame, Fear or Betrayal, explained so beautifully by Dr Mario Martinez.  People often get upset when they do not feel they get the respect of the public and retreat to these professional pages to get some validation, education or examination.  The problem is, it is always on the clinical side but, as a behaviors and motivators coach, I see the actual need is on the personal side.

    The focus of the GGT group is to invest in coaching ourselves and each other out of our fears and into the freedom and respect we desire in our community. 

    What do you think for that mission? It is still evolving and growing inside my heart and my head so send your thoughts along.  What do you wish you had in your life that if given, could change it for the better? Comment below and you will be entered to win a scholarship for the first year!