How Yoga works in Health as Energy, not poses


Shiva and Shakti are wellness

In the Science of Yoga the female energy of creation and growth is named Shakti. Her force is meant to keep Shiva, the masculine in line with it's aggression, just like a mom or well paired wife. In Harmony and mutual respect, each owns the role of health and they enjoy moving the holder's life in a loving and intimate flow.  

My 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Crew @ Dharma Yoga

Circa 2012. Learned how to feel Shiva and Shakti in Balance

Curvy Vibes...

There is a difference in perspective about what is absolutely needed at times of stress and rest. While Shiva energies inside you aim to hunt out, clear paths and dominate energy into the fastest, linear solution, your shakti side looks around a bit and makes the best out what is instead of seeking more. She also welcomes the gifts of ease from your Shiva but just thinks about survival a bit more conservatively as a protector.  Think of her as the way a mom looks in a sparse fridge and, in an effort to stretch monthly finances, still creates a nourishing beautiful meal she just "pulled together" .  This is as opposed to what happens when my husband looks into that same bare fridge and decides most of it is trash so he will help me by deciding the easiest thing is to throw out the scrapes and eat out because right now we have the money.   If creating something with what is left over is very comfortable to you, then your Shakti energy is dominant. Likewise if you tend to fear letting go for protection because that feels like smart energy conservation later on, your Shakti is dominant but, it you are having a day where it seems everything in your closets to basement needs to go... Welcome on in the flow of your Shiva. While Shiva feels empowered by creating new challenges, Shakti works to seamlessly connect the pieces left and remodels them into a new resource as her energy collection. 

How She works in the human structural form...

The feminine power of creation is within every living cell.  Her flow is the living matrix of circulation, communication and thus the endocrine and nervous and digestive system are her strengths and the areas that get taxed the most.  Her harmony, not subservience, with all the masculine inside is essential for mind-body health.

Consider this, in illness, after the diligent and strategic execution of germanic cells by our Shiva warrior vibes hit those invaders, it is our flow of Shakti that revitalizes and refreshes the broken cells and throws out the waste.  She carefully checks the genetic blueprint and listens to the senses tell her about the recent epigenetic factors in your life and then she carefully crafts a brand new suit for each cell for you.  She is detailed down to the new form or is able to mimic the old.  Her work carefully considers perceived need for survival first and then sustainable success second. Therefore, learn to give her a break.  Don't make her work long hours for little nourishment as pay in a factory re doing her work constantly because your stress responsive Shiva Warriors are a bit ADD.

How can this help the corporate world?

Feminine personalities and perspectives birth new ways and change is scary. Still, it just seem the ability to see the potential after the storm created by Human will is an advantage. This type of innate inspiration is helpful to planning shifts and energizing teams. The intuition that there is something even better than what is, or that a move is too high of a risk for the ROI potential can be very powerful to a company's growth potential.  Why work so hard maintaining old destructive habits? Why hire out for ideas when one can bring a new feminine styled approach to an old and tired one? Why not step back a bit and re calibrate big picture solutions and design a reuse of missed internal resources by connecting people, processes, softer strengths and opportunity to collaborate?   It is not that feminine energies are not present, they are just somewhat ignored because they are not always in your face.  Sometimes they even inspire chaos as a catalyst for change. To the untrained eye, that may look like disaster but to a feminine mind, that is actually very logical, to see all the pieces moving and then eliminate the waste. We can all agree that a narrow point of view sniffles is efficient but will eventually suffocate initiative and therefore lower future productivity.    

Remember Besides the Universe Herself, female alone, her on earth is the force through which every human being is created. There is wisdom in that. Untapped potential.  It is about time we start recognizing the futility of not supporting that much power to change the world.

Think Harmony and Relationship Love for Long Term Benefits...

Long term peace of mind and calm body requires a switch from surviving to sustained thriving daily.  We can only destroy what is stable so long before we have no grounding, no well from which to pull our creative Shakti from. 

Xoxo. Lisa