Are We Fighting Hard Enough To Really Feel Well

This latest episode of my podcast, featuring the inspiring Maiden glow of my friend, professional colleague and essential oils mentor, Dr. Laura Ricci got me thinking about Unicorns some more. Why? Because so many of the women that I see emerging like Laura are really healing the world from very deep pain stories dealing with the fact of being one at some point! 

 Laura's Goddess Path from Fire to Nice....

Laura is a licensed doctor of physical therapy specializing in Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, as well as a certified Women's Health and Functional Nutrition Coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute (IWHI). As she continues to study nutritional endocrinology and tangents such as essential oils, Laura's path to becoming a healer by walking through the fire of cancer and major orthopedic dysfunction , as a physical therapist herself, is inspiring.

Through her own medical challenges she found a passion for nutrition. It has given her a unique voice as a PT and a new way of making a living, lead her to write and teach the Nutrition Pre- and Post- Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery course for the IWHI she graduated from and be interviewed on multiple online summits, including The Healing Pain Summit and the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit. #MixedBlessings.  Laura's story got me more interested in essential oils and I am grateful for that because they have been of great help to my family and an easy first step for my most pained clients or stressed out students! 


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In this goddess chat ...

  • We discuss how Laura was able to flip several years of pain and turn them into the fuel and resources for a global virtual health coaching practice
  • How she sees treatment, coaching, teaching functional nutrition lectures, and public essential oil education classes fitting in 
  • How her Mother's own Mama Guru feminine natured intuition not only saved her life at age two but continues to feed into her intuitive nature now.
  • The cool discovery she made while healing from cancer and other illnesses tied to her mother's voice so long ago.

We also speak a lot to the natural power we as women don't take advantage of and how knowing our own boundaries and meeting our shadows as friends can be some of the best medicine we have.

The chat finishes with some essential oils talk, how to find her on a computer near you and all the wonderful ways Laura can work with all of us in her global practice.  

Learn from Laura

You can learn more about Laura and her services by visiting her website or emailing her at

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