Healthcare Provider Self Assessment Index & Coaching session

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Healthcare Provider Self Assessment Index & Coaching session

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We are sicker than Our Clients ...

Empathy fatigue and loss of purpose is very real in health care. Feeling the pain and burden of being a good clinician in the bad business of healthcare? YOU ARE NOT ALONE but you may be suffering more because you are not keeping up with personal development and growth.


Be smart! Understand who you are and the why you do the work and advertise that. Attract your ideal clients right off the bad by having a strong understanding of you and your uniqueness. If you are thinking about going out on your own but have no clue what will make them come to you verse another person with the same credentials, or suffering from analysis paralysis ...this is your first step. 

This detailed assessment and report is for you if...

  • You are showing the signs of suffering from burnout or boredom in your physical or mental health
  • You are in need of a change but not sure how or in what direction is best for you
  • You aspire to step up into a higher role such as supervisor, administrator, or even CEO of your own company but need to understand personal strengths for salary negotiations or picking your best role.
  • You want to improve your emotional intelligence. You would like the ability to read people in 1:1 care or business situations and possibly expand your own coaching skills, improve your communication or relationships. 

How about investing in caring for yourself for a change? It is the 4th aim of the original Triple Aim in healthcare models is to do so but the system currently lacks a viable way.  

This Solution

This assessment measures behaviors, motivators, soft skills and emotions. It is specifically designed for people who work in healthcare positions and provides a personalized debrief and beautifully illustrated and detailed written report for self review and learning about where and why you stress the most. The coaching call will start your vision moving forward for a fulfilling career. 

It measures:

• 7 different key drivers that most influence a person's life choices, decisions and actions. 

• 15 factors that demonstrate how people act and communicate verbally and nonverbally, both on and off their healthcare job. 

• 6 cognitive dimensions of healthcare judgment.

• 12 emotional intelligence factors related to healthcare. 

• 22 soft skills that are related to superior healthcare performance.

We all know the detrimental effects of chronic stress on our health and wealth outcomes. See additional details below for your immediate solution


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Here is your immediate solution...

This assessment and optional coaching is sent to you within 24 business hours ( M-F 9-4) to provide your very own solution for personal growth needs.  The assessment qualifies and quantifies personal strengths, untapped potential, personal stress points and fears and the why that will keep you doing what it is you aim to do. It has also saved my business and personal health clients a lot of energy, time and money by preventing taking the wrong courses at the right time or the right courses at the wrong time.  

Targeted Wellness and Self Awareness

We all know that we are our worst patients. We also know that our patients thrive when we can communicate their needs very well and understand their deep motivators and behaviors to do so. By taking this assessment, you will get first hand experience in using it to understand yourself and where such understanding can help in providing solutions for the public . Client based assessments are available as well as a certification in analysis and entry level human behavioral change support. 

A Solution to a Growing Need

  •  Immediate access to a deeper understanding of personal blocks getting in your way
  •  Better people skills . You get an outline of your communication style and how to communicate with others
  • Top Motivators and soft skills for self development. Align with these to help you create the lifestyle you want.
  • Access to a clarity coaching session for a no risk experience of how personal coaching can help you put your skills and energy into the healthier and wealthier life you want. 
  • A way to Focus efforts using both a slimmed down coaching summary to understand where to place your efforts most effectively and, a detailed axiological report that includes what you value most from yourself and how you see your position in the world. These materials can be used to accelerate self inquiry, improve communication of needs, to map out lifestyle strategies and to partner with the right coaches or mentors that are most needed for your goals. 
  • Better overall health and potential for wealth.  You are only really free and providing the best care for your patients after you attain the skills and insight to intimately care for for yourself first. 


 Licensed care providers and health coaches can also be trained in these assessments after completing a personal training program with me for an additional clinical tool or passive revenue stream.