Readiness for Change

what to do when you FEAR the Change you.png
what to do when you FEAR the Change you.png

Readiness for Change


Where are you in the game of Readiness.  You may not be succeeding because therapists, physicans, coaches and online programs are not meeting you where you are. 

Easy Solution Right Here! 

Get a Readiness for Change Assessment @ Intro Lifestyle Coaching Assessment and within 24 business hours from submission, you will receive a beautiful written report and coaching debrief making you more than ready for the next step and a bit more clear on the best direction . 

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This assessment measures a person's attitude toward change based on 8 change factors.

It measures:

• Flexibility

• Adventurousness

• Confidence

• Optimism

• Passion/Drive

• Resourcefulness

• Tolerance

• Resilience

Use this to meet yourself and understand what you need to get from knowing what you want to actually having it in your life. 

The assessment is included with an introductory coaching call offer at a large discount!  To participant , please schedule your session here .  Enjoy a no risk experience of what partnership for healing or coaching a new direction can feel like with Lisa Holland 

NOTE: Corporate group assessment and 1:1 speaking, group coaching or virtual trainings available. Contact Lisa HERE