30Day Self Care Make Over

BPS model of PT.jpg
BPS model of PT.jpg

30Day Self Care Make Over


How would it feel to have an attentive and well-educated partner on retainer for the month while you commit to establishing a self care routine?

How would it feel to finally make sense of all the things those books, google searches, trainers and other providers have to say?

Would having someone hold you accountable, help make this year's self care goals more successful? 

Hire your own personal Feminine Health Advocate from month to Month

Dr. Lisa's Self Care Make Over is a holistic lifestyle detox and feminine health mastermind all rolled into one. 

Use it as a holistic reboot, to get back on track after falling off the self care wagon or to add the next level of personal growth into the routine.

  • Week 1 : The Mastermind and Program design: We formally review your current health, assess strengths and vulnerabilites , order supplies to restore and set up the calendar for the month
  • Week 2 : Rituals implementation: We support mindset and nourish the willpower you need by focusing on awareness, setting up Rituals and gently physically detoxing by optimizing your digestive system, starting to move and breath better
  • Week 3 : The diet: You begin a 7 day Low sugar challenge
  • Week 4 you start a whole food add in. 

Those that renew keep progressing in intensity along their initial wellness wheel of needs.

Support includes

  • A 30 day cycle of daily access to the Goddess health resources
  • A 30 day supply of Nourishing Supplements and daily wellness tips
  • The Guru Goddess Tribe Lifestyle App for staying on track and whole food clean eating 
  • Weekly personal accountability emails and biweekly calls
  • Full review of current health history and referrals to a global network of support 
  • Correspondance with health providers if needed to optimize communication, understanding and course of care
  • Personal coaching on and training in lifestyle tools including essential oils, food, body basics, yogic techniques, stress processing, concentration, will power as needed to accomplish goals 

Bonus : New clients get A Free Playbook for Life 

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