Consulting By The Hour

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Consulting By The Hour


Experience and Mentorship opportunities (Virtual and in person) 

Dr.Lisa Holland is an integrative doctor of physical therapy , a certified womens health and nutrition coach, a certified yoga therapist , certified essential oils coach , eternal entrepreneur, mom, wife ,yoga therapy and physical health industry catalyst with over twenty years of Orthopedic, sports medicine, and holistic women's health experience.

Her women's wellness company ,Belly Guru LLC, was the first integrative, micro practice designed therapy center in Charlotte NC and she continues to provide holistic coaching as well as personal development for leadership minded women nationwide.  Lisa's company is diversified through speaking, writing, group trainings, educational products, natural wellness products, and 1:1 private therapy. 



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Care to tap into Lisa's brain for an hour or a day? 

These meetings or custom made seminars/ workshops are virtual or in person.  

Corporate Ideas...

Consult for C suite Holistic Health plans, Set up cost saving employee benefit discounts with a better corporate holistic health program at your office. Maybe you Want a customized private cont. ed class in Women's health, the female athlete, yoga and stress relief, meditation for improved performance , functional anatomy for fitness staff, yoga teacher training in house for your teachers , school educators or corporate fitness staff? 

Clinical /Professional Growth

Save money by bringing in your CEUs. Maybe you are a yoga therapy or physical therapy clinician needing a sounding board or some new ideas on client management , how to integrate other complimentary services or approach difficult persistent pain cases?  Maybe you are a new soloprenuer or struggling with some personal branding, service set up, networking business ideas of your own? Hire Lisa for a consultation.   NOTE: Program development packages available for corporate wellness consulting. 


*additional fees may apply for travel