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  • All sales are final on products and 1:1 therapeutic programs and servicesunless otherwise noted here.

I ask clients to make a strong investment but as soon as they do, I make a strong investment back because I believe we both are worth 100% day one.  

  • Membership refunds are as follows: 

Those enrolled in the monthly Guru Goddess Tribe Vibe Main Membership are billed on an automatic debit month to month 30 day commitment.  Members are free to terminate their auto pay via written request at least 10 days before the next billing cycle and will be removed from the community.  Purchase for this membership level is non refundable for the month billed. Access to this membership community will be billed at the time of sale and charged monthly via the agreement .  There are no refunds after each payment. 

Those enrolled in the Silver or Gold or Gold Plus Seasonal Memberships ( Winter, Spring, Summer , Fall) have until 24 hours after the completion time of their scheduled initial clarity coaching call to request a refund in writing sent to the student email omhealing@bellyguru.com stating : Their full name, date of request, reason for wanting a refund, cc account number, expiration date , billing address used at time of registration and any other comments or concerns. Upon submission of their first assignment action sheet and this letter, the member will be refunded all of their investment minus a bill for one hour of consultation time $150 US dollars within the next 30 days and will not be charged their next installment.  

How to avoid dissatisfaction 

 Well in reality, that is your decision and attitude about the experience.  I can not control that but I can tell you that what I offer is high quality ( see Testimonials) and can be life changing, body changing and abundant if you let me do my thing and you do your best to be present and participate. 

I work very hard to give my clients and digital students an amazing experience but sometimes things just can not be received or the expectation changes.  Please review my refund policies while purchasing my courses .

I also understand personal money blocks, stress points and am patient with that that. I am willing to work with you to some extent I can without decreasing my ability to bring my strengths to our relationship but this type of work is bound to bring up some demons and resistance and because of that I suggest that you contact me with any questions so that you feel good about your decision because refunds are very limited. ( see above)

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Knowing why is more important than your what and is often the reason behind failure in meeting new challenges in life.  Your baseline reports are extensive and the work with me can be deep.  I will do my best to improve your ability to match your energy style and natural motivators to exercise,  food, social situations, a career , relationships and a comfortable style of spiritual connection but this is a two way agreement. Everything in my program is self paced with access to an online support but please understand there is some discomfort along with a bunch of love.  If you are not ready to work hard for your wellness then I may not be your partner.                                        

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