Feeling the Rush of Drug each day Will Knock you off Your feet

Do you love at chunk of your life everyday?  Do you feel alive or burned by the process of living? I have spent some dark days in the past (and I am sure I will again in the future) asking myself, " Why the hell do you work everyday doing what you do?"  with the rest of the tired moms having a PMS moment but I have to say, if I think about how I lived in the alternative, I feel extra grateful for taking the leap into an #EntreprenuerLife. 

As a working mom and the wife of a fellow entrepreneur,  I am constantly balancing my life between both of our entrepreneurial spirits, two children, my yoga mat and the realities of the life I lead thus far.  Most of the time I am  moving my potential energy to kinetic and vice versa trying to maintain my 5 Realms of Personal Integrity. There are times I have felt the need to challenge my physical or mental boundaries but after almost two decades of warrior goddess wounds,  I have grown highly mindful of where I must place the needle of success in order to create my own version of a healthy work /life balance.  It is not easy to feel pleasure when you are focused on the pains in living life but it is important for the brain and body's health to welcome joy and connection into your soul as a barometer of happiness; but, this post is not just about being happy, it is about having a vibrant life.  


In seeing that a rush of (OT) could be obtained with sexual orgasm or lactation, I , being past the pregnancy years will focus on not falling prey to the lie that my peri menopausal days should consist of stressed out adrenals from finally making it to a leadership role nor that I should be fine with suffering from low libido, minimized joy or lack of bonding love with my peers. Nope!  I would rather scream "Get me some damn Oxy baby, turn up the music(2) and have a party with chocolates and wine because I am very focused on enjoying my health while creating my wealth. 

Being the CEO of my Life is Sexy

To just live I need to cover the basics but to thrive I need to feel alive.  That means when I work, I need to also connect with play. If you can make the power you hold in making your own story feel sexy then even better.  To do this I need boundaries set. When I am off I need to be off, not worrying about how to get through the next hour or the next day.  When I am asleep or in a meditation, I need to make sure my resiliency is optimized because knowing what to know now, if I ignore physiology then my sex hormones are going to go right out the door along with my piece of mind and my joyful inclination.  Unfortunately, mental cognition is not the same as gaining the deep interoceptive experience of actually doing something so if science says the neuropeptide release of Oxytocin (OT) can help attenuate fear in my brain, then by the simple definition of fearless living, I need to make sure I can feel the pleasure of (OT) as much as possible . 

How to justify self love: Use the Science

You know, walking the way of the divine feminine power literally makes you a Goddess of Love.  Feminine power comes from bonding, collaboration and celebration and these things have been found to release Oxytocin, the hormone of feeling good with who you are and fearlessness with what you are doing.(1)  If you are not excited to be working eight hour days in a toxic environment,  around toxic people you are completely normal.  I guess by the science you can just try to balance off the detrimental effects on you HPA axis by blowing off some steam in the bedroom more often but for some of us, we are still working on how to make the time or feeling in the mood so let me suggest something else, how about falling in love with your life?  

My Gift That Keeps on Giving

I suggest you begin with some intimate moments listening to your soul sister guides.  Then develop a strategy to thrive by mind hacking your decision to believe a truth you live in scarcity of the mind.  Rework that copy by connecting with your personal story.  That will actually organically produce the most sure fire way to connect to your tribe and service of others. 

Be mindful of your thoughts because they will become your words. Be mindful of your words because they will inspire your actions and in doing so, ignite the actions of others
— Budda, Jesus, and every enlightened being on the planet

So what is your personal passion? Are you touching your passion points enough to get a shot of (OT) everyday? How do you get it? Let me know and if you think anyone can use the information please share because the world could sure use a few more passion feeling pros. 


Yoga is the Silence of the Mind
— Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras


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