Guru? Ninja? Lifestyle Specialist? PhysioYogi or Conscious PT?

I am kind of an oddity in the careers that I blend.  A highly effective and engaged oddity but none the less a different sort of partner for your ache or pain or stress or strain. Want to shift your life?  I have a program for that.  Want to stop peeing on yourself jumping on the trampoline? I have a program for that. Want to excel at your game? I have a program for that. What to feel empowered to reclaim your life or reconnect with your spirit ? I have a program for that and all of these programs involve me coaching your body, mind and spirit to become one in focus on the same thing...Your authentic self .  

Yoga and Physical Therapy

So what do I do?  Well basically I offer you a direct path to live your life verses survive it. 

What is yoga? Technically it is the stillness of the mind.  If you can get that amongst the chaos of relatives on XMas eve or while running a marathon or breathing on your mat, good for you.  I do not need you to have mastered a headstand because if you can hold the same love in your heart you had when arriving for a family dinner  and walk away hours later with that same sense of ease then you have mastered the greatest posture of all, peace of mind while standing in your truth.

 So what is yoga as a life coaching tool and what is it I offer as a PT? I can blend my intimate knowledge of the science of the body with my ability to connect you with your heart and mind. In the end, I can say I do lots of things but what matters is whatever you think I should offer you.  

I say this not out of apathy but out of witnessing what people ask me for when I say I coach people out of pain or I teach yoga in a therapeutic way or I am a doctor of PT with a focus on women's health resiliency.  Really, despite decades of intimate analysis of the intertwining systems of the human body, I am either asked for a massage or asked if I am super bendy so while I know I am a kick ass scientific movement ninja that can figure out years of pain and dysfunction zeroing in on the most direct intervention and isolate the root of the problem, we both know... you want a certain feeling from me.   


That is why I write in prolific ways.  I am not afraid of you seeing the real me who disciplines her kids coldly when not feeling so good about me.  I am happy to say hi running around in my yoga pants as much as while giving a lecture about the degrees on my wall.


Before a coach worries about how good the player is at what they do, the good coaches hold space for a conversation.  Makes sense. The player needs to communicate well with me if I am ever going to be able to see what is inside their head or heart for that matter.  So hold a conversation with me and stop judging me by my fees or my letters.  That to me is my way to explain to you that I am not a chiropractor, a physician, a personal trainer or a masseuse.  Although I legally can perform many of those same"things" they offer and make you dependent upon me for symptom management wouldn't you just rather pay for me for a designated time to offer you clarity and personal freedom?  

different roles,  same Game

In my opinion my background as an ATC ( nationally certified athletic trainer)got me the mindset that life is one big game.  You take care of your body so that you can make the play and help your team.  PT school taught me to focus on getting that body in top form.  My education makes me a great behavioral skills coach.  I focus on gathering the plays, setting physical boundaries ( set up the field, the equipment and strategy) and then I focus on you getting mentally on board to play my strategy.

As a classical yogi I coach your mind.  You delegate what pieces of you assume what positions in the game.  I am the guide of the big picture of success in the game.  You analyze the mistakes made and find a way to communicate with the other players and me about them. My power is to share the wisdom of my teachings through subtle everyday things like breath and unconditional love for the game win or lose.  

Finally as a personal development coach I help you see a life beyond the self imposed glass ceilings you placed on your body, mind or spirit. Sometimes I help you see the glass ceiling itself but either way I help you appreciate your story and personal brand of awesome.  


 Downloaded image Google "Yoga Is" 

Downloaded image Google "Yoga Is" 



What do you think of when I say yoga educator, physical therapist or Life coach? Would you let me know? 

If this post caused a shift in perception please share the love .   xoxo-Lisa