4 Lies You are Telling Yourself Because it is Expected



Why do you have to? Is it because you need the money?  Is it because you spend too much money? Well, if I gave you all the money in the world do you think you would quit?  If so, what would you do?  How would you do it differently? This type of exercise is an example of how I help clients create a map around money blocks around their business.  For some I do not make it that easy because the habit of living in scarcity is deep? If you are one with a deep samskara ( birthed habit), I ask
 "If you got paid the same amount of money , had to work the same hours but got a say in how to work an entirely different way but accomplish the same objectives, would you still feel burnt out? Some people burn themselves out because they are not creative in many different ways.  Not a problem but they need a creative coach.  

 "I should SPEND MY DAYS Doing... "

This is an analysis of your belief system and core values.  If the stomach knot you felt when answering this does not remind you to check in with your needs, then maybe an objective assessment will.   In my motivators and behaviors assessment I often obtain several key attributes that my clients fail to see within themselves. It is amazing and gratifying to see the clarity that falls in a face normally holding anxiety.  Nothing is more gratifying as when a client that struggled for years "finding herself" through self help books and connects in one powerful reflection where she can hear the whispers of her inner wisdom instead of needing a quote to hang on the wall.  


I am sorry but I am going to have to claim bullcrap on this one. Who do you believe is in charge of you today?  Is this left over from some helicopter parents or some level of self judgment you will cause some pain.  I understand conforming to the rules but you had the authority to get out of your mother's womb. You had the authority to go to school and graduate with a degree and some of you made the authoritative choice not to.  So just because you can not see your present ability to do something you can not truthfully say, it can not be done.  Don't fool yourself. You ABSOLUTELY have the authority to at least approach the exploration of any situation a different way in your mind no matter what financial, emotional or physical prison you feel is around you.  Especially the ones you created.  

What you may need to ask yourself is " What are my natural behavioral tendencies and am I moving through life with underlying fears?"  "Do I have the educational fortitude to service the world in this way for long?  Am I living in constant need for bonding  with the wrong vices or pleasure fueled by social envy (3)? Have I seen another way, even if I do not feel ready?"  "Who do I feel has the authority besides me to do the things that I want to do?"  See, no matter how far down the rabbit hole you feel, I am telling you while you are there,  go make that cake anyway you want and eat it too! 

"I Am Not Good Enough"

This one breaks my heart because I feel your pain.  I now have a very simple mantra to rectify this form of analysis paralysis. Repeat: "I will stop basing my ability on the need for praise by others and I will not fall prey to my struggle with perfection".  Say it all day and and night to embody the fact you are perfectly imperfect ! So unless you are sure you are going to mame, cause the death of or act maliciously or unprofessional in some way to someone then stop trying and just do it.  Your struggle with self valuation is not worth it to the client who feels they are in an isolating deep pain.  There is someone out there more ignorant on a topic you like to discuss and another is searching for your special sauce of awesome. Unfortunately you are stealing her recovery time because she has no idea where to find you while you are hiding.

I am sorry but...

I hope I have not offended you but sometimes yoga teachers have a way of putting you in crazy positions just to challenge your reserve and awareness. By me shining a bright light on your story I force you to move into your authority.  Face it, the world is one big opportunity. The fact that there are less credentials or more credentials after your name is not going to make someone approve of your methods but results and bonding with them will so connect in your passion and fall in love to your soul's vision . There are people loving how they spend the majority of their time.  They are releasing endorphins everyday while you are complaining and limiting yourself unwilling to move past your attitude. Therefore, to my fellow warrior goddess tribe... I BELIEVE IN YOU so how about now making life a little easier on all of us by stepping into your grandeur?  

Are you struggling with any of these reflections?  Hint: "Did you find yourself skipping over something as soon as you read a few words?"  I would love to hear about it.  Share the love with someone in need and feel free to drop me a note HERE