A Mama Mantra

A mantra (Devanāgarī मन्त्र) can be defined as a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of creating transformation. (Wikipedea, 2009)

In the world of Yoga. A mantra can be as simple as OM or as complex as a 45 line chant that when said brings order to the monkey mind and a sense of peace to the distracted body. Mothers all over the world seek enlightment to know the magical words that can transform a 5 person home into some resemblance of the clean , organized reminant of life before 3 sets of pitter pattering mulch filled feet regularly ran across a newly mopped kitchen floor. What exactly are your thoughts on finding time for your spirit to shine or what can you share from your experience in using a yogic mindset to tackle 3 year old tantrums or 45 year old mid life crisis. Share your light and blog on!!!! Giving out a shout to all the mamas and mamas to be .

This week's topic.... Birthing with yoga