Happy Valantines Day and with it I am finding myself pondering the idea of attachment. This is really what Valentines are all about. I mean the heart chakra is the energetic producer of the holiday but what we really are celebrating or seeking is a form of attachment. For 2.5 yrs I have been attached to the idea that I would not ever re open a yoga studio.

I said I would never do it again. I would never take on owning a full blown yoga center again. I definately did not like the time it took before and how it took me away from the service and the practice. I relish in the flexibilty and non commitment my private practice serves and enjoy not worrying about such complications as overhead or staffing, etc, etc, etc.. Yes, up until January 18th,2010 despite my understandings of dharma,I fell for the human illusion that I had complete control over my work in this world. Denial is a very funny bird. It is so sneeky and can just fog up that mirror of yourself just enough. So, despite how I saw where my thoughts went, words and attachments come and go,despite watching and seeking answers to how weird certain events came to be and just as fast came not to be, I was firm in my commitment not to re open a studio. The truth that I found myself wandering past For Lease signs, talking of opening a "welcoming space" and hiring an assistant to leave me room for something else did not give me one clue as to how fast my work would change. After all , to the outside world I avoided setting up weekly ongoing classes, was asked not to continue with a local center, was not needed at the hospital because census is down. Even earlier in the year had moved my practice to a smaller space and revamped the website to align my focus to privite and duet sessions so as not to become overwhelmed with growing my business too large for my life again. Then life's purpose called. There really is a thing called Dharma and life does have a plan. So within weeks, Belly Guru will open a community family yoga training center at 219Main Street, Pineville NC. If you can get to Carolina Place Mall, you can get to me. that is if you want to.