Procrastination: The art and science of time travel

So I have been in great desire to write this blog. Really I have and I have definitely had the time and could have made a bunch of excuses but the fact is that my yoga practice has just not been so good.  Distractions like simple nerd pleasures such as clicking on interesting research links provided by great  Twitter followers just has me reading up a storm.  So what is the harm?  In fact, those I follow led me to research on loads more potential blog posts ideas I had to create in my head today.

  In addition to that, my procrastination on finishing the conversion of into a BellyGuru Yoga teaching system resource was going on WAY too long so of course I had to finally finish that today and I am about 85% done. Then there was the moment that I finally did sit to write this after and I realized that it was 5 minutes of time until I had to go get my daughter from community homework with friends at the local Starbucks

which BTW is a brilliant place for teens to study now that the internet leaves absolutely no reason to suffer not talking at the library. Of course they probably sit and text each other all the time so they don't even get the conceptual benefits of this freedom, but again, I digress.  Anyways that  left me with nothing productive to do in that time ( least I get the most brilliant inspiration and forget to retrieve my daughter) so I decided to test out my sprouted almonds which of course were left just next to the Halloween candy and then I sat down to work on the website.

It is now 6:10 pm. To make a long story short, I have yet to get on dinner but I am refusing to multitask anymore at this point despite the fact that I could soooo rationalize doing this as my pot of water boils and I have been sitting here at my kitchen work station for 3.5 hours and I feel like I got nothing much accomplished which is a mix of my perfectionism and reality.  See I awoke today at 3AM after 5 hours of sleep ( my normal average is 6) and I read for 3 hours before enjoying another hour at 7AM.  I practiced yoga nidra until 9:45 AM with my husband, got dressed, went out to breakfast with him, waited for our table, ate, took the long way home because we could, watched the rest of a movie my children rented while we were gone, sat outside about 10 minutes and got my vitamin D for the day by 11:30 am.   Oh that monkey mind.  It is that time warp trick the mind so eloquently uses to remind me I must get on my mat and better yet, meditate everyday.  How do you procrastinate?  This yogi would like to know.