Rising Shakti

Shiva and Shakti balance out health
In the Science of Yoga the female energy of creation and growth is named Shakti. Her role is to do something with what is left over from the destructive Breakdown through Shiva's tears and force.  She connects the pieces left and remodels them into new. She sees the potential after the storm created by man's will and desire to change and establishes balance from chaos.... Besides God, She alone is the force through which everything new is created.  Oh why oh why would you ever deny your strength is Shakti Power in flow?????
My Guru Gal 2004

Claiming Shakti Pride
The feminine power within every living thing is essential for mind-body health. After the diligent and strategic execution of germanic cells by our Shiva, it is our flow of Shakti that revitalizes and refreshes the new form or is able to mimic the old. Which path is taken depends upon the environment presented. It depends upon the system's perceived need for survival first and then mindful sustenance second. Long term peace requires a switch from surviving to sustained thriving. We can only destroy what is stable so long before we have no grounding, no well from which to pull our creative Shakti from. So let's celebrate International  Day of the Girl today, Aim to rise awareness of your Shakti, through the subtle forms of intelligence such as relationship, creativity, inspiration, group consciousness and enlightened potential all day long!!! 
Xoxo. Lisa